From the same company that brought us all sorts of hopped up Minis and MINIs, comes a very nicely kitted out ladies’ commuter- and whispers about an upcoming titanium model:

The ladies Oporto bike which is due for release, June /July will be available in creamy white with black ladies B17 Brooks saddle & grips. The bike comes with chrome mudguards/rack & chain guard. Over the last year we have worked closely with British designer Ally Capellino on producing a range of pannier bags & a rucksack to accompany the bicycle, which can be brought as an accessory on it’s own. It’s the perfect fit for your laptop and an everyday bag with shoulder strap inside.

More exciting (though possibly less attainable) is the forthcoming limited-edition UK-built titanium single speed road bike.  Want one?  Time to add your name to the waiting list:

The NEW limited edition titanium Silverstone single speed road bike is beginning to take shape. The first proto types are being put through their paces. These bikes will be limited to 50 a year, all of them will be individually numbered and will feature the very finest components. Even the Brooks titanium saddle will be unique to our bike. The bike is designed, manufactured & assembled in the UK & there’s already a waiting list. More details to follow soon…

Visit or for more information.

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Remo A. Peter
Remo A. Peter
11 years ago

A commuter bike without (or only optional) lighting system ? Bad joke !

marc b
11 years ago

@Remo: Really? Most commuters either have lights that they have already invested in or would like to maintain flexibility in that department. With lighting technology evolving at the pace that it is, giving customers flexibility is probably wise…

11 years ago

Looks like a good candidate for a dynamo hub.