For the longest time, Finish Line’s Speed Clean has had a permanent placement on my work bench. Along with cleaning brake rotors, there’s just so many uses. But now, there’s a new kid on the block – Finish Line Disc Brake Cleaner

New Finish Line Disc Brake Cleaner will keep your rotors and pads clean

Calling it an acetone free brake cleaner that is designed to decontaminate metal, Disc Brake Cleaner is said to evaporate and leave zero residue. While similar to Speed Clean, the Disc Brake Cleaner lacks the Turbo Sprayer and uses less propellant, so it should result in a more efficient way of cleaning your brakes – apparently a little goes a long way. Finish Line also says it’s safe to use on the pads themselves, and is designed to decontaminate brake parts leading to quieter performance.

Compliant with California chemical regulations, the Brake Cleaner will sell for $8.99 in a 10oz aerosol can. Available soon.


    • Gillis on

      This. It’s about 2x the price of isopropyl alcohol. Which means it’s likely isopropyl alcohol mixed with some pixie dust. The extra price covers extra packaging and marketing.

      • Robin on

        What’s interesting is that if you actually look at the picture, it mentions heptane, which is something that is exactly not isopropyl alcohol. I guess that means that isn’t so likely, after all, that it’s “isopropyl alcohol with pixie dust.”

        • wako29 on

          heptane is seriously nasty stuff and should NOT be used indoors (so any bike shop). Stick with what SRAM and Shimano specifically recommend to clean brakes and brake parts: Isopropyl alcohol.

  1. wimmy on

    Just use isopropyl alcohol, and if you want to get fancy, mix it 50/50 with some water to help carry away dirt – spray can brake cleaners typically tend to have propellants and things in them that can cause damage and deterioration to rubber seals and components in your brake calipers.

  2. Velo Kitty on

    SDS’s are your friend, but it looks like the SDS isn’t available for it yet.

    Isopropanol 93% from the Walmart health section is a good choice.

    CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner
    Tetrachloroethylene 90 – 100%
    Carbon dioxide 1 – 5%

    I would avoid the Walmart Super Tech because of the Toluene.

    Walmart Super Tech Non Chlorinated Brake Cleaner
    Acetone 30 – 50%
    Toluene 10 – 30%
    Methanol 10 – 30%
    Carbon dioxide 5 – 10%

    Definitely use outside with gloves.

  3. Velo Kitty on

    p.s. As well as being cheaper, methyl, ethyl, and propyl alcohols are generally going to be much safer to use around plastics than the solvents in brake cleaners.

  4. Patrick Choi on

    Automotive brake cleaners work just as well and they’re really cheap. Picked up a spray canister for $4 and got rid of oil contamination. Only had to use it once. Probably last me a few years.

    Note that after using these brake cleaners on the rotor you will need to do bed-in again.


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