Fizik Endurance 3

To add to their already popular collection of bar tape, fi’zi:k adds a new thickness of tape made from their perforated Microtex that might make all of the Goldilockses out there happy. The new Endurance line of handlebar tape will fill a gap between their current offerings and come in all three of their tactile flavors.

Grab on and head past the break for the details of fi’zi:k’s new wrap…


photos courtesy of Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team and fi’zi:k

The new 2.5mm Endurance tape falls in between their 2mm Superlight and 3mm Performance tapes. It is designed for those wanting a robust tape that while still delivering comfort, offers good feedback to the rider. The Endurance tape comes in three tactile flavors of “Classic”, “Soft Touch”, and “Tacky”. All three textures are available in black or white, Classic also comes in red.

The Endurance tape was tested by and developed in conjunction with pro riders from the Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team.

“Throughout the year we ride in so many different environments – with different road surfaces, temperatures, weather conditions and for different durations,” says Tom Meeusen of Telenet-Fidea. “To make sure all our riders get the best blend of comfort and control it’s vital to have a full range of thickness of tape to choose from, with the choice of textures that we expect from fi’zi:k.”

Fizik endurance classic endurance tacky w endurance classic r

The fi’zi:k Endurance bar tape will retail for $30 in the Classic and Soft Touch, and $35 for the Tacky version.


  1. js on

    My only wish is that they’d start finishing the edges better. The first few seasons their tape was available, it was so well bevelled on the edges that you couldn’t feel the edges at all. For the last several years, the edges have been considerably thicker, and quite noticeable when wrapped, especially if you don’t always wear gloves.

    And Cheese – this tape is certainly allowed to cost twice as much as others, as it can easily last 10x longer. Like FF, I’ve also had years out of my first rolls of Fizik tape, even moving it across when selling an older bike. Price (or manufacture location) isn’t the only determinant of value.

  2. Sevenaxiom1 on

    More bar tape? Seriously? I can’t even keep track of the varieties we carry in our shop. And explaining it to people… they just give you that far off look and say “I don’t know what kind, just give me black”

  3. Sickboy on

    Unless your shop is a non-profit, teach your customer about the good stuff and see if it’s something they might find of value. When they do, they actually appreciate it and will come back to you for more advice. Everybody wins.

  4. Ck on

    Yay for more options, IMO. The naming seems off though. 3mm is Performance, but 2.5mm is Endurance? Why would a thinner bar tape be better for endurance?

  5. Veganpotter on

    Cheaper than Lizard Skins and surely more long lasting. Basically, I keep my tape until I crash so bad that I can’t keep using it. This has been as much as 25,000 miles and as little as 900(sucks to get less than 3 weeks out of tape)

  6. John Lopes on

    Tried the Tacky version in black and sold my bike with it on, previously I was on the soft touch and that lasted me three seasons of racing. This is really nice tape, but stay away from the white it’s impossible to keep clean.


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