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Updated and new helmets from Endura add new protection options at all prices

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This summer, Endura makes a splash with a wide range of new & updated helmets. Several key styles were re-imagined and now include top-tier technology. For example, Mips and Koroyd are now both available in the latest models of the MT500 and SingleTrack helmets.

Endura, established in 1993 (almost 30 years ago!), also introduces a Mips option in Hummvee Plus helmet. And for the first time, the new FS2 helmet in their urban line comes equipped with Mips.

Endura Summer 2022
New offerings from Endura Summer 2022. All images c. Endura

“A helmet is obviously meant to protect you from getting seriously injured in a crash,” relayed John Thompson from Mips. “The Mips safety system inside the helmet is engineered to allow for movement of the head inside the helmet on certain angled impacts, intended to help redirect rotational motion away from the head, with the purpose to help reduce the risk of brain injury,” he explained.

Stylish and technically advanced

Specs notwithstanding, Endura’s diverse and unique designs ensure all types of riders can be protected in style, no matter their riding preferences; MTB, Road, Urban, or otherwise.

“We’ve been producing great helmets and growing the range for many years, but summer ’22 sees a step change in Endura’s offer, both in terms of choice and technical safety features,” said Ian Young, Endura Category Manager. He further explained, “The addition of Mips options and expanding our use of Koroyd technology demonstrate [Endura’s] goal of creating the best in class product.”

New offerings from Endura

MT500 helmet

Endura Helmet Danny MacAskill
Danny MacAskill donning a new Endura MT500 helmet.

The MT500 Helmet now comes with both Mips and Koroyd technologies, with a fit system fully integrated into the Mips layer for MTB riders. You’ll also find an accessory mount and a light clip, a goggle strap gripper, an adjustable visor.

FS260-Pro helmet

Endura Helmets on the road
For the roadies, this FS260-Pro MIPS could be it.

The FS260-Pro Helmet has received an update with an added MIPS layer, improved ventilation, and the option for brighter colors on the lower half of the helmet for visibility.

SingleTrack helmet

Endura Helmet
For the MTBer, the updated single track is here.

The SingleTrack Helmet could be appealing to a wide range of mountain bikers. The helmet sees added Koroyd panels on the sides of the helmet in the areas that see the most impact, while keeping the vents on top of the helmet completely open. You’ll also find a new visor, it comes in six different colors, including one with a graphic print.

Hummvee Plus helmet

Endura Helmet
Hummvee Plus Mips Helmet in action.

A great all-rounder, the all-new Hummvee comes available in Mips or non-Mips options and five colorways for a solid helmet that won’t break the band.

Where to Buy and Prices

What’s great about these Endura models is that they range in pricing and styles suitable for any pocketbook across all cycling disciplines. Retail pricing ranges from about $50 for their most basic helmet to about $200 for the fully loaded Mips and Koroyd models. Check your local shops to see if they carry Endura, or you can always visit their website for more info.


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