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New Park Tool Drivetrain & Cassette brushes will keep your teeth clean + Tubeless Sealant Injector

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Thanks to advancements in technology, the newest driverains are awesome. But the components can also be awesomely expensive, so it pays to take care of them. Hoping to make drivetrain cleaning a bit easier, Park Tool just introduced two new cleaning brushes uniquely shaped to get the job done.

GSC-3 Drivetrain Brush

Park Tool cassette cleaining brush GSC-3

Thanks to smaller gaps between cassette teeth, new tools are needed to keep those massive cogs clean. The new GSC-3 brush has extra-long and stiff bristles on one end, and a skinny contoured end on the other.

cleaning a bicycle cassette gears

Either side can be used to dig out grit, bits of twigs, leaves, or anything else that’s found a home between your teeth. The contoured end is also said to be great for cleaning the tight spots around derailleur pulley wheels.

Priced at $5.95, this is an affordable tool that looks pretty useful.

GSC-4 Cassette Cleaning Brush

Park Tool GSC-4 cassette cleaning brush

For more broad cleaning of cassettes (and tires according to Park), the GSC-4 Cassette brush is worth a look. The stiff nylon bristles are curved to help follow the contours of the cassette, chainrings, or other round items, and the brush is available for $7.95.

TSI-1 Tubeless Sealant Injector

Park Tool tubeless sealant injector

Elsewhere in the Park Tool lineup, they’ve introduced a Tubeless Sealant Injector which is self-explanatory. The oversized syringe body has a gauge for measuring sealant up to 3.5 oz (100cc), and it can be opened up for cleaning.

injecting tubeless sealant into a tire

Tubeless sealant injectors often face two hurdles – either the tube is too big to fit into some valve stems, or so thin that some sealants will clog it. While Park doesn’t give a list of compatible valve stems, they do provide a list of compatible tubeless sealants:

  • Continental® RevoSealant
  • Maxima Racing Oils®
  • Muc-Off® No Puncture Hassle
  • Orange Seal® Endurance
  • Orange Seal® Regular
  • Orange Seal® Subzero
  • Panaracer® Seal Smart
  • Peaty’s
  • Slime® STR
  • Squirt® SEAL
  • Stan’s NoTubes® original formula

If you happen to have a valve stem with an opening that is too small for the syringe, you can still use it – you’ll just have to remove the tire bead from one side of the rim. According to Park, the tube dimensions are 120mm (4.75″) long x 3.5mm (0.14″) diameter.

You can pick up the TSI-1 for $24.95.


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2 years ago

I’ll likely be buying one of those skinny cassette brushes. Looks super handy.

Mike R
Mike R
2 years ago

I’m in on the TSI-1 Tubeless Sealant Injector & the GSC-3 Drivetrain Brush!!
1 x 12 need tool for picking between the cogs.

2 years ago

So far I’ve been using a 4oz Orange seal bottle for tubeless sealant measurement and filling (fill half a bottle for road tire, 3/4 for gravel, full bottle for mtb). It come with handy injector cap which work pretty nicely.
However, my problem was the sealant foam up when shaking the bottle. Which make it hard to accurately measure liquid amount when there is no clear cut between liquid and air. Would this Syringe help mitigate that?

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