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NOBL TR35 Carbon Wheels add wider option for XC and Downcountry

nobl tr35 wheels xc mtb downcountry carbon rims 28h
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NOBL Wheels of Vancouver Island have released the latest addition to their Sinewave collection, the TR35. As we’ve come to expect from NOBL, the wheelset gets front- and rear-wheel specific rim layups and internal widths, accomodating the different demands placed on each wheel. The TR35 rims are 28h only, marketed at aggressive XC riders, or those partial to a spot of Downcountry. As such, the rims are heavier and stiffer than those seen on the TR32 wheelset, but lighter and more vertically compliant than the TR37 rims designed for enduro and all-mountain riding. Let’s get into the specifics.

NOBL TR35 Carbon Wheelset

nobl tr35 front rear specific rim profiles wall thickness internal width

The NOBL TR35 rims are designed to seat 2.3″-2.6″ wide tires, with a 29.5mm internal width on the rear and a 30.5mm internal width on the front. Both carbon rims have a 35.5mm external diameter, thus the rear rim has thicker walls. As such it is the heavier of the two, weighing a claimed 435g as compared to the front rim’s 395g.

nobl tr35 carbon rim layup profile t700 t800 fibres
NOBL use a 3k twill fabric on the center channel and a smooth finish UD on the exterior to eliminate the need for wet sanding

The NOBL TR35 wheelset is available only in 29″, with 28 holes only. The rims have a profile that is 2mm offset of center, the asymmetry introduced to allow for more evenly tensioned spokes between the drive- and non drive-side.

Most of the carbon fiber within the TR35 rims is of the T700 type, though the lighter, stiffer T800 fibers have been added in strategic locations. To add the T800 fibers without making the rim too brittle in the process, NOBL say they took great care to adjust the fiber aerial weight (FAW) and resin content of the layers. They say they were able to tune the layup more effectively by using more layers of a thinner pre-preg (carbon fiber that has been pre-impregnated with a resin system).

NOBL tell us the TR35 rims have a flattened area at the valve hole, helping to make a tight seal between the valve’s rubber collar and the rim

NOBL drill the spoke holes at an angle, rather than straight, so as not to introduce unnecessary stress risers in the rim, or at the spoke/nipple interface. They also add a “special bit” to prevent tear out.

A complete 29″ wheelset with DT350 hubs weighs a claimed 1,590g. That’s a Boost wheelset with 6-bolt hubs and a Microspline driver, regular end caps, Sapim Race spokes with brass nipples. Lighter, more expensive builds are possible with lighter spokes and so on. Customers can also choose hubsets from i9, Hope, Onyx, and Chris King.

nobl tr35 wheelset carbon rims sinewave design aggressive xc downcountry riding
NOBL vary the speed of the drilling as the bit wears, and monitor the temperature at the holes to prevent scorching. They say this can create stronger spoke holes than other manufacturing methods.

Pricing & Availability

The NOBL TR35s can be purchased rim only for $450 USD each, or as complete wheelsets with various hubsets; DT SWISS 180, 240 EXP and 350, Industry 9 1/1 and Hydra, with higher end options available from Onyx, Hope and Chris King, too. The most reasonably priced option is the TR35 DT SWISS 350 wheelset, retailing at $1,300 USD, with the option to chose between 36 or 54 point Star Ratchets.

Worth mentioning here is that every wheelset purchased from NOBL Wheels comes with a lifetime of servicing on hubs, wheel truing and tune ups, with no labour charges.


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