Oakley’s newest Flight Jacket sunglasses take a novel approach to prevent lens fogging. While most shades tuck close to the face, even opening up the bottom of their frame, and use vents to let air in, the Flight Jackets go the opposite direction. Their new Advancer nosebridge lets you to move the lenses away from the face for more airflow. And the same tech is soon coming to more conventional looking Field Jacket pair of shades too.

Oakley Flight Jacket vented half frame sunglasses

The Flight Jackets use a unique half-frame design, with a complete frame along the lower part of the lenses to fit close against the cheeks and keep the wind and sun out of your eyes.

Then they open along the top to allow hot air up and out to prevent fogging and still give you an unobstructed view close up to your helmet. That’s especially helpful when leaning forward in an all out effort.

But as you ease up on the pedals, slow down, or start to overheat, you can flip the switch on the nose piece and the new Advancer nosebridge pushes the glasses a bit forward away from the face, allowing more airflow in and up to stop fogging in its tracks.

Starting at $223, the Flight Jacket sunglasses come with two length temples to fit nicely with most helmets, and feature Oakley’s no-slip nose pads and temple ends to stay in place even when you get sweaty. The shades come in a number of frame colors and with either the standard Prizm mirrored, Prizm Polarized, or Photochromatic lenses.

Oakley Field Jacket vented full frame sunglasses

If the open topped frame and angular look of the Flight Jackets aren’t your style, Oakley also has a full frame pair of sunglasses on the way that share the same anti-fog tech. The upcoming Field Jacket sunglasses will have the same Advancer nosebridge to push the glasses away from your face when things get hot and heavy, but with a more conventional look. Expect them to offer the same variety of lenses, plenty of bright or more sedated colors, and to fit medium to smaller faces.



    • Crash Bandicoot on

      Oakley is pretty good at this. In fact my knock off jawbreakers actually vent immensely better than my authentic 100% glasses.

  1. Robin on

    The Field Jacket is the first Oakley frame that looks good to me. Alas, the lenses in the Field Jacket aren’t interchangeable.


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