Finnish bike manufacturer, Pässilä Bicycles, has today released a titanium downcountry hardtail named the Juntu. Designed for 120mm-130mm travel forks, the Juntu slots into their lineup as a more progressive version of the Kytö cross-country hardtail with lower, slacker, longer geometry, befitting to its downcountry intentions. Here’s a quick overview of the Pässilä Juntu.

Pässilä Juntu Downcountry Hardtail

passila juntu hardtail ti mtb downcountry geometry 120mm fork 29er

Like all Pässilä bicycles, the Juntu is a Grade 9 Titanium Alloy frame; this one weighs a claimed 2 kg in the largest size (S2). It is the first of their hardtails to feature sliding dropouts at the Boost rear end, allowing the fitment of a 27.5″ or 29″ rear wheel.

passila juntu sliding droputs ti mtb

Chainstay length is thus adjustable between 430mm and 450mm, offering a 20mm range of effective rear center lengths to suit different riding styles and different tire widths. The maximum tire clearance for a 29″ rear wheel is a claimed 2.6″, increasing to 2.8″ for a 27.5″. 

passila juntu ti downcountry mtb 29er

The Juntu gets a 5-year frame warranty

While some of Pässilä’s other titanium hardtails are available in a complete size range, the Juntu is only available in two frame sizes, S1 and S2, catering to rider heights from 16ocm up to 185cm. The S1 gets a reach of 455m paired with a 400mm seat tube while the S2 gets a 485mm reach with a 420mm seat tube. The head angle is fairly slack at 65°, married to a 77° seat tube angle.

passila juntu geometry chart ti hardtail downcountry 29er

The geometry quoted here is based on the Juntu running a complete 29″ wheelset and a 120mm travel suspension fork, though the frame is designed to handle up to a 130mm travel fork too. 

passila juntu downcountry titanium hardtail mtb finnish

Pricing & Availability

The Pässilä Juntu is available to pre-order now at a price of €1999 incl. Finnish VAT 24%. with shipping available worldwide. Stock is due to arrive on January 15th, 2022.


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