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Bern helmets have been a fixture in many scenes for a while now. They have helmets for snow and ski, water sports, skate boarding, and a number of bike helmets for fixed gear riding to mountain biking. But the world of light weight in-mold road helmets? That’s new territory for Bern.

Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that their first offering for the race bike crowd would be something that stands out in a sea of aero lids…

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Slated for a 2016 release, the FL-1 will be available in two versions, one with MIPS and one without. Both include anti -microbial padding on the inside…

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…as well as a 360 degree Boa retention system. With 18 external vents built into the in-mold polycarbonate and EPS shell, internal channels are said to improve air flow through the helmet. The shape of the outer shell is also said to include integrated sunglass storage. The lightest helmet Bern has created to date, pricing and ultimate availability are TBA.


  1. Mike D on

    In terms of looks, I’d rather strap a pork chop to my head. This looks like a crash dummy helmet. When you’re talking ‘race crowd’, the thing should at least *look* fast. This would make a well-ventilated commuter perhaps… but race inspired? I’m having trouble connecting those dots.

  2. Charlie Best on

    @Heffe, Mips is a system designed to reduce rotational injury during a head/ground interaction.

    As for the helmet above: 1991 called, it wants its design ethic back.

  3. Dug on

    I would buy this for my daily commuting by bicycle. I’ve been intrigued by Bern helmets for a few years. But all their helmets look like, well commuter helmets. Now I can have a Bern that is a bit more sportier. Like.

  4. dan on

    @Heffe MIPS is the latest marketing rage in helmets. Nothing proven, just added cost. MIPS “may help” in the perfect crash with the perfect angle and if you wear a helmet super tight against your bald head. Heaven forbid you have hair or sweat or don’t tighten straps down like an executioner’s metal skull cap.

  5. Ventruck on

    I like it in terms of the company’s intended direction. Would be a more fitting commuter helmet for people on actual road bikes. Seems like the kind of helmet that can take scuffs without looking horrible, and was designed with everyday practicality first.

    The back is ugly to me, but I could see to it that it may be functionally proper. I do like that they kept exposed foam to a minimum despite all the vents.

  6. Luis on

    It’s not ugly, but it doesn’t really stand out either. I base my helmet selection more on fit and comfort so if this one fits good I’d give it a shot, my current LG Course fits amazing but isn’t much of a looker

  7. Jon on

    @dan is onto something your scalp is natures MIPS. People don’t wear helmets snug enough not to slide in the event of a crash.

    @sarah while rotational injury is bad lots believe Mips is not the only or best way to go about protecting us. The stuff that 6D and kali protectives is doing is very interesting. They are using soft material to lower g-forces and reduction rotational forces at the same time. Every impact has some linear and some oblique forces. Lets fight both equally and not only concentrate on the buzz words. says “We do not see compelling evidence that you should trade in your current helmet on a MIPS model unless having the Latest Thing is important to you”


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