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PC17: Zipp introduces new Vuka Clip aero bar, plus actual weights for 454 NSW, 302, and Tangente Speed RT tubeless tires

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Over the past few months, Zipp has been quite busy. There’s the new 454 NSW, the surprisingly affordable 302, a tubeless 303 with new tubeless tires, and now, updates to the Vuka Clip aero bar. Traditionally viewed as an accessory for triathletes or ultra distance road riders, aero bar use is starting to expand to gravel with events like the Dirty Kanza. More importantly though, fit trends are changing which requires adjustments to current aero bar platforms to stay current. For Zipp’s clip on version of their aero bars, the Vuka Clip sees a total redesign to address all of those needs…

According to Zipp, fitters are starting to adapt to new fit trends that are using wider set pads for the elbows with narrow hands. Because of that, the Vuka Clip features an increased range of adjustment with the ability to set the pads wider – up to 280mm on center. They’re still able to be set narrow as well, with 104/140mm  low mount/high mount. Offered with 6 different extensions (three carbon, three aluminum), the Alumina Evo 70s are shown here.

While fitters will be happy to see the increased range of adjustment, mechanics will be happy with little details like the split clamp for the extension that allows you to remove the extension from the clamp, without recabling the internal housing. When the clamp is loose, the slot between the two faces is large enough to slip a 4mm derailleur housing through. Fitted with Torx t25 bolts, weight ranges from 480-545g, and the clamps are compatible with 31.8mm diameter handlebars. Sold separately ($25), risers are available in 5, 10, 25, and 50mm heights and can not be stacked. The Vuka Clips themselves are sold for $140 with Vuka Alumina Extensions or $250 with the Vuka Carbon Extensions.

The biggest news in terms of wheel development for Zipp lately would have to be their NSW (Nest Speed Weaponry) wheels line which is basically their advanced development lab for Halo level products. The 454 was one of the first wheels launched which takes advantage of their HyperFoil equipped Sawtooth rims. That’s a marketing way of saying the wheel features a variable depth from 53 to 58mm which is said to be inspired by biomimicry using the tubercles on the pectoral fins of a whale as the starting point.

Make no mistake, Zipp is serious about one thing – making products that make you faster. But they’re not so serious that they can’t poke a little fun at themselves. The fins of whales really were the inspiration for the design, but they made sure that their condo was filled with every bit of whale paraphernalia in jest.

Regarding the rim design, Zipp says it’s all about aero balance which equals aero efficiency + stability. The most aerodynamic wheel in the world won’t do you much good if you can’t ride it in a cross wind, so the NSW design allows for a rider to effectively use a deeper wheel that is much easier to control regardless of wind direction.

With both rim and disc brake versions available, the disc wheels make use of the entire rim space for their HexFin ABLC Dimples and Impress direct to rim printing of the graphics.

Along with improved aero balance, the wheels feature the new Cognition hubset which features Axial Clutch technology. Basically, the free hub uses magnets instead of springs to force two ratchet rings together to drive the wheel forward, but offer less drag when the rings are separated. The hubs feature replaceable end caps to fit QR and thru axle applications and include Centerlock rotor mounts and j-bend spokes for the disc hubs, and straight pull for the rim brake hubs.

On the scale, the rear 454 NSW Disc was available to weigh and it came in at 869g which is 19g more than claimed.

Each 454 NSW rim brake Wheel Includes:

  • Zipp Tangente titanium black skewer
  • Zipp valve extender by Silca
  • Zipp individual wheel bag
  • Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo brake pads
  • Zipp Tangente tube 700c x 20-28mm
  • Zipp rim tape 700c x 20mm

Each 454 NSW Disc Wheel Includes:

  • Zipp Tangente titanium black skewer
  • Zipp valve extender
  • Zipp individual wheel bag
  • Zipp Tangente tube 700c x 20-28mm
  • Zipp rim tape 700c x 20mm
  • Zipp thru-axle end caps to fit 12×100, 15×100, and 12×142 dropouts


Front wheel: $1,800 €1,800 £1,525

Rear wheel: $2,200 €2,200 £1,865

If a $4,000 wheelset is completely out of reach, Zipp has a more affordable option for hand built wheel a made in the USA carbon rim in the new 302. Completely new and available in rim or disc brake versions, the rim uses the same carbon and resin system that was developed for the Zipp Firecrest rims, just in a dimple-less package at 45mm deep and 17mm wide internally. Built with their 76/176 hubs, they feature the same internals as the more expensive 77/177 hubs, just with a j-bend hub shell made from 6000 series aluminum rather than 7000 series. The best part is probably the $1500 per set price tag which gets you a U.S. made wheelset from a known entity with proven carbon performance. On the scale, the front disc brake wheel measured 798g which was again a few more grams than the claimed 785g.

Finally, to go along with the recently introduced Zipp 303 tubeless wheel, Zipp has two new tubeless tires. The Tangente RT 25 and RT 28 claim to be full tubeless and will hold air without sealant, though they are completely sealant compatible to help seal any punctures. Available in 25 and 28mm casings, Zipp claims these have the highest dry cornering grip they’ve tested, but also have the lowest rolling resistance which seems like a pretty great combination.


  • Available in 25mm (RT25) and 28mm (RT28) widths to meet the preferences for wider tires among today’s road riders.
  • 127 TPI nylon casing.
  • Low rolling resistance, high cornering grip provide speed and stability in any situation.
  • Ability to run lower tire pressures with reduced risk of pinch flats.
  • Max tire pressure 115PSI for RT25 and 100PSI for RT28.
  • No tire levers needed or recommended for installation.
  • Polyamide puncture protection layer under tread
  • 60 ShA durometer rubber (Shore A)
  • Water-siping tread pattern


  • 292g claimed, 291g actual, Tangente Speed RT25
  • 302g claimed, 339g actual, Tangente Speed RT28

Maximum inflation:

  • 110psi, Tangente Speed RT25
  • 100psi, Tangente Speed RT28

Retail Availability:

  • June 2017 (RT25)
  • August 2017 (RT28)


  • $74


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Cherk Chup
6 years ago

The tires are quite heavy… Faster than Pro One?

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