Peaty’s Link Lube Dry protects your chain when it’s “dryer than a camel’s tongue”

New biodegradable Peaty’s Link Lube Dry wax chain lube promises long-lasting protection and a quiet running drivetrain when riding in everything from desert conditions to slightly damp trails. Peaty’s doesn’t just do tubeless, but also a full line of environmentally friendly cleaners & chain lubes to keep your bike spinning smoothly and looking its best, and the new drier conditions Link Lube Dry makes them an even more versatile choice. Plus, they’ve got their own Peak District roasted coffee for your pre-ride caffeine fix…

Peaty’s Link Lube Dry wax-based chain lube

LinkLube Dry is a “readily biodegradable wax-based chain lube” developed to be deliver durable lubrication for your drivetrain in pretty much anything but wet trail conditions. The UK-made lube suspends a mix of waxes inside a water carrier that helps get it deep into the crevices of your chain rollers where that wax can harden and do its best to reduce friction. Peaty’s uses a water emulsion over faster-evaporating solvents, because water can carry 2x as much wax, creating more durable chain coverage. You just have to be patient while it dries.

Link Lube Dry – How to?

After you first fully degrease, then lube the chain with the light blue Link Lube Dry, you need to let it dry to clear as the water evaporates (best to do overnight).

What you are left with is a hard wax protective layer that will run quietly, reduce friction, and won’t pick up dirt & grime or blacken. But since water put it on, water will take it off too. So any riding in the wet, or hosing off the bike will mean you need to relube (no need to regrease).

Peatys Link Lube Dry_wax and water based dry conditions chainlube_

Peaty’s says Link Lube is far better than their original All Weather lube for dusty riding, since Dry fully dries to the touch and simply won’t attract any dirt while riding. Link Lube Dry sells for £8 / $12 in a small 60ml bottle, or for £12 / $18 in a bigger 120ml bottle. Buy it online direct from Peaty himself, or through your local bikes shop now.

Peaty’s Roost N’ Grind coffee

Peaty's Roost N' Grind x Kickback Coffee

Need a caffeine fix before your lube your chain? The (famous) rider-owned company’s limited run Roost N’ Grind x Kickback Coffee is back in stock in Europe. It sold out fast in the first run, so Peaty’s had local Peak District coffee makers Kickback fire the roasters back up. The single-origin Colombian coffee is roasted in Macclesfield and pre-ground for your trailside cafetiere cowboy coffee brewing needs. It’s available now (while it lasts) for £7.50 for a 250g bag, and makes a good diversion while you wait for the water to dry out of your new wax lube.

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2 years ago

Hmm, they trying to sell this to Brits and tell them not to get it wet? May be good for Rocky Mtns, but not the Peak District.

2 years ago

How long can You serve this baloney? Chain needs either seals (O-rings/ X-rings) or constant lubing. Bicycle chain won’t be equipped with seals (drag) so there is only one solution: CONSTANT lubing, just like in chainsaws. There is one (motorcycle) company who makes such device, other caompanies should follow.