Peaty’s have introduced a longer lasting chain lube for all-weather riding conditions; LinkLube Premium All-Weather. It is said to penetrate deep inside the chain, replacing moisture, grit and grime with a long-lasting blend of oils, waxes and non-toxic nano-particles. And, it lasts 30% longer than their standard All-Weather LinkLube.

Peaty’s LinkLube Premium All-Weather

peaty's linklube premiumall-weather application chain

So, how do they know the LinkLube Premium lasts 30% longer than their standard All-Weather LinkLube?

Through the first wave of lockdown, Paralympic gold medalist Steve Bate was using the latest formulation back-to-back comparing it to their standard LinkLube. During his epic 1,000 mile turbo trainer ride over ten days, the results showed that the Premium lasted 500 miles before wearing out; that’s compared to the standard LinkLube All-Weather that lasted 380 miles in the same, controlled conditions. That’s a 31.5% increase in durability.

steve peat holding new premium linklube all-weather

Beyond the increased durability, Peaty’s also claim the Premium chain lube makes drivetrains run smoother, quieter and cleaner.

Pricing & Availability

peaty's linklube premium all weather condition drivetrain lubricant

LinkLube All-Weather Premium joins Peaty’s established range of chain lubes including LinkLube Wet, LinkLube Dry, and LinkLube All-Weather. Just like the standard LinkLube All-Weather, the new Premium version gets a minty scent. It is available now in 60ml (RRP £9.99/€10.99) and 120ml (RRP £15.99/€17.99) bottles (so it’s around 35% more expensive than the standard version).

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  1. Peter on

    To make a test indoor to determine it can run 30% longer. Does that make sense? Do you have a test outdoor in normal wet conditions.


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