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Polar Grit X Pro Titan goes ti with training, tracking & recovery updates for Vantage V2 too!

Polar Grit X Pro on the mtb
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Polar’s newly updated Grit X Pro and Vantage V2 smart tracking multi-sport watches are even better at getting you outdoors… while optimizing your training, staying connected, and well-rested. Plus, a new Polar Grit X Pro Titan model drops weight with the help of titanium.

The original pioneer in watch-based training & GPS tracking, Polar’s latest smartwatches once again improve on their multisport activity functionality, with outdoor sport-specific features that will help make you a better cyclist, and even improve your riding experience…

Polar Grit X Pro Titan & Vantage V2 multisport smartwatches

Polar Grit X Pro on the water
c. Polar

The new Polar Grit X Pro takes the popular, proven Grit X outdoor sports smartwatch to new levels of performance in a beefed-up iteration of the already capable training platform. Durability, training & recovery metrics all get functional upgrades in this all-new edition.

And that super premium titanium version blends classic watch looks with hi-tech tracking performance…

What’s new?

Polar Grit X Pro

From the start, Polar developed the Grit X Pro with military-grade, rugged durability in mind, so you could head off on your most adventurous outings, with a watch that will still look good for a Monday meeting.

To improve durability, Polar moved to a new scratch-resistant Sapphire glass lens that can handle more abuse than the old Gorilla glass. Plus, that hyper clear Sapphire lens helps build a more impervious watch, now water-resistance down to 100m and with an operative temperature range of -68°F/-20°C and 122°F/50°C.

Polar Grit X Pro training smartwatch dashboards
new Dashboards

The new watch also adds all-new, always-on stat dashboards to give you quick access to key information as you plan your adventures throughout the day. Pick whichever view best fits your lifestyle.

New insights including running power and recovery scores

Polar’s updated training and recovery metrics go beyond previous versions, offering a deeper dive into the bio-markers that help recovery and performance.

  • Sleep & Recovery scores: It’s now easier to decipher what you were actually doing when the watch evaluated your rest, in order to better learn how to improve. The updated software that makes recovery tracking tick, now gives the wearer an updated sleep score, plus a new optional recovery test to see if you’re truly ready to train at intensity that day.
  • Fuel & Energy insights: Now better track caloric output paired with fueling reminders during activity, or even a long, hard day at work. More than an “eat now” update, they’re much more granular. You’ll see prompts like “consume 10g carbs” during aerobic activity, and regular protein pushes to optimize recovery.
  • Training Load Pro & Recovery Pro: Polar’s new software better informs you how much recovery time is suggested after a hard day of training. Then will tell you how recovered you are from certain activities. The calculation works with the watch’s calculated stress scores and the sleep/recovery scores you amass over the same training period.
  • Performance Tests: Looking to see where you stand, the Grit X Pro also includes the full suite of Polar Performance Tests including running, cycling, leg recovery & orthostatic tests to track progress & evaluate your performance gains.
  • Polar Flow: Check your data and sync your training program wirelessly via the Polar Flow app and website to keep all your data managed and tabulated in easy-to-read charts. The Polar Flow app can also be set up to send notifications throughout the day (if you’d like) to better keep you engaged with your performance goals.

Komoot-connected Navigation

A new feature already in the last generation, the new Grit X Pro and less expensive Vantage 2 have beefed-up navigation features that track elevation, offer turn-by-turn guidance via Komoot, and a bread crumb style feature called “TrackBack” that will get you back to your starting point. Both the Grit X and Vantage V2 feature classic smartwatch features like music, digital payment, and push notifications, but the coolest feature lies in the smart coaching features.

Grit X Pro & Grit X Pro Titan – Tech details

Polar Grit X Pro training smartwatch family
Polar Grit X Pro

The updated watch has the same claimed battery life of up to 40 hours of continuous GPS activity tracking and 100 hours in standard operating modes (7 days in watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking), and is recharged with a proprietary magnetic connector over USB.

The core of its functionality is Polar’s precise optical heart rate tracking from your wrist, multi-system GPS/Glonass/Galileo/QZSS route tracking, on-board altimeter, BLE sensor connectivity, and Bluetooth connection to your smartphone for notifications and data transfer.

Polar Grit X Pro Titan training smartwatch

The new Grit X Pro keeps the same 47mm diameter, 13mm thick form factor as before, but now etches compass degrees into its stainless steel outer bezel. It uses the same 1.2″ 240x240px always-on color touchscreen display. The new Sapphire lens & updated bezel add a few grams up to 47g without the band. Plus, the new tougher band is also a dozen grams heavier, bringing total weight up to 79g.

Want to save some grams? Upgrade to the titanium bezel Grit X Pro Titan to drop down to 41g without the band, 73g total with the same composite rubber band or just 53g total with the perforated leather wristband (both are included).

Polar Grit X Pro pricing

Polar Grit X Pro family

The new Grit X Pro comes in three bezel colors -Nordic Copper, Black DLC & Arctic Gold – plus an assortment of different band colors for a hefty $500 price tag, a bit more than the original, now the same as the Vantage V2.

Polar Grit X Pro Titan upgrade & pricing

Polar Grit X Pro titan

For those looking to impress both on the trails and off, an all-new Grit X Pro Titan version is crafted from aerospace titanium in the same modern classic design to get 12% lighter. This super light build is meant to look good in any situation, but with noticeably lower weight it would also be the best option for active athletes.. assuming their wallets can manage it!

All the tech inside is the same, but the new premium Polar Grit X Pro Titan raises the price up to $600.

Polar Vantage V2 gets all the updates too!

In addition to launching the Grit X Pro, Polar has given their Vantage V2 a refresh, as well. Original debuting many of the features that would go onto the original Grit X, the Vantage V2 now gets all the software & training metric upgrades of the new  Grit X Pro.

The Vantage is Polar’s dedicated multisport training watch, great for cycling and cross-training. It features the same 47mm bezel diameter, 13mm thickness & 22mm wide bands. But with a smoother overall aesthetic & lighter silicone wristbands, it is noticeably lighter at 34g without a band and 52g total.

The updated Polar Vantage V2 is available now for the same $500 as before.


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Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict
2 years ago

Does anyone know if Polar’s optical heart rate sensors are more accurate/durable than Garmin’s (935)? The Garmin’s seemed to work well for the first year or two, but now I have to wear the heart rate strap. How’s the interface with regards to setting up custom screens?

2 years ago

There’s a lot of clicking/tapping when you want several screens with lots of data, but it’s quite easy to use both on desktop and phone.
Check out DC Rainmaker for good unbiased HR accuracy testing for almost any device. The bottom line I guess is wrist HR is never super accurate. For some it works ok, for some not. Separate optical HR sensors can be very accurate (for example Polar Verity Sense), but they measure your HR from a less shaky place like your upper arm. The wrist is a difficult place for HR measurements during physical activity

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