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Polisport S-Mud fender instantly attaches to your saddle

s-mud clip on mud guard
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Tired of showing up to functions with mud up your back but don’t want the hassle of a mudguard that requires tools to remove and replace? Check out the Polisport S-Mud clip-on fender, which attaches and detaches from your saddle rails in seconds.

No more sloppy multitool install/uninstall. No more unnecessarily rocking a fender in dry conditions just because you’re lazy. In fact, if you’re lazy (but not on the bike), the S-Mud is your soulmate.

You can even put it on with one hand (says the brand), which, we must admit, posits a new method for mudguard use. Got a sunny day, but a huge puddle up ahead, and no mudguard? Step 1: Speed up and reach into your backpack to locate the S-Mud femder. Step 2: Keep speeding up, clip it on while you pedal, and go to town.

When you’re all done splashing about, just unclip it. And when you reach your destination? No embarrassing streak on your shirt that, depending on the crowd, you might have to explain.

I wish I could say the S-Mud fender was less simple than that; it’s not. The only complication is the angle adjustment, for which you need a #5 Allen key. It’s one of those things that gave us instant “why didn’t we think of that?” syndrome.

It’s available in two sizes that fit any wheel between 26″ and 29″. It should be wide enough for any gnarly trail mission at 124mm.

And don’t worry about the S-Mud weighing you down. The short (350mm) version weighs a scant 54 grams — the long (460mm) version weighs 74. Honestly, the funk on your back at the end of a muddy ride probably weighs about that much. 

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2 years ago

The SKS Shockblade has had a quick-release attachment to the seatpost for literally decades that not only seems more durable but also puts the mudguard closer to the wheel. Granted it would be challenging to put it on with one hand and it’s probably also a tad heavier.

Zach Overholt
2 years ago
Reply to  Matthias

Closer to the wheel isn’t necessarily better – on full suspension bikes, or bikes with droppers, this seems like it could be a better option. But yes, the SKS X-Blade is a great option for a seatpost (not saddle) mounted fender. SKS offers the S-Guard to attach to saddle rails, but it doesn’t look quite as secure or substantial as this one.

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