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PRO Bike Gear pump out premium home mechanic and workshop tools for less

pro bike gear team digital torque wrench 1-20 nm range
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The componentry and tools arm of Shimano, PRO Bike Gear, have broadened their range of premium tools and pumps. With improved ergonomics and durability, highlights include two new torque wrenches, the Team Digital Floor Pump, cassette and chain tools. All are at the very reasonable price points we’ve come to associate with PRO. Let’s dive in.

PRO Floor Pumps

Newly updated with PRO’s ergo-fit handle, the Team Digital Floor Pump offers improved grip. It also gets a new Universal Head that auto-adjusts between Schrader and Presta valve types. The pump’s digital pressure gauge provides precise pressure measurements with accuracy to 2%. Get it for $100.

pro team digital floor pump track bike pump
PRO Team Digital and Competition Floor Pumps retail at $100 and $40, respectively

PRO also offer an entry-level floor pump for $40. The PRO Competition pump features a dual head to service Schrader and Presta valves but gets a basic analog pressure gauge. 

PRO Team Digital Torque Wrench

Here’s one for the real geeky home mechanics who like to know the torque of every single bolt on their bicycle. This is a workshop-grade digital torque wrench covering a 1-20 Nm torque range, so should do every bolt except the bottom bracket. The ratchet-style wrench features an LCD screen displaying torque measurements in real time.

pro bike gear team digital torque wrench 1-20 nm range

A two-stage tone sounds first as you approach, and then when you reach the preset
torque setting. Nine tool bits are included with the Team Digital Torque Wrench; 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 hex, T20/T25 and a 1/4 inch adaptor for ease of use. Get it for $250. 

PRO Mini Torque-Wrench

PRO’s Mini Torque Wrench packs versatility and function into a neat package for
professional and home mechanics alike. Three preset torque inserts are included with 4, 5, and 6 Nm settings as well as six tool bits that will handle your most common wrenching needs.

pro bike gear mini torque wrench home mechanic tools

The Mini Torque Wrench’s bits and inserts stash neatly in the tool’s magnetic handle for
safe storage and quick access. Get this 3.5″ torque wrench for $65.

PRO Team Delta Wrench


This 3-Way Wrench from PRO Bike Gear features 13 replaceable hardened steel bits, packed tidily into an alloy body. It retails at $40.

PRO Cassette Wrench

Fed up of slipping with a chain whip all the time? PRO Bike Gear are now offering a simpler and more efficient alternative; the PRO Cassette Wrench. pro bike tools cassette wrench replaces chain whipThe dual sided wrench is compatible with both 10- and 11-tooth cogs for versatility across
both road and mountain bike cassettes. The notches on each side of the wrench seamlessly slot into the smallest cog for a secure grip when loosening a cassette from the wheel’s freehub body. Get it for $35.

PRO Chain Tools

These are PRO’s budget option chain breaking tools. For a 9 speed chain, pick up a tool for $25. For 10, 11 and 12 speed chains, the chain tool will set you back $30. A must-have item for the home mechanic.

pro bike gear tools new chain breaker for 9s 10s 11s 12s speed chains road mtb compatible

PRO Bike Gear also offer a range of multi-tools, tubeless tire levers and screwdrivers. For the complete range, head to PRO’s website.

pro bike gear tools multitool


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3 years ago

For the price of the digital TW you could get a wera torque wrench and bits, its much nicer and wont need batteries

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
3 years ago
Reply to  BMX

That was my thought, you can easily find Proto and Snap-On dial torque wrenches for $50 less than this, which is trust far more and far longer than something from Shimano. Preset torque thing looks nice but can’t see myself paying 3x as much as the Ritchey Torque key for recessed but storage.

3 years ago

@BMX sup bro? You ride bro? I too am a fan of the wera torque wrench and bits but how can you state that wera is a better when the PRO product hasn’t even shipped yet?? Put a stamp on it and send it BRO before you go OTB..YEWWWWW

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
3 years ago
Reply to  ChuckRockBMX

Wera has been in the tool making business for 84 years and primarily sells in the professional/industrial tool space where accuracy and quality are paramount for actual commercial enterprise. Not to knock Shimano they’ve been around longer but not their PRO division. I’m sure they make (more than likely outsource mfg) a decent tool but it’s a logical thought process to trust a company that has been in the space and at higher stakes for almost a decade over a company who has been in the space for less than 20 years.

3 years ago

Using that logic; Mavic wheels are superior to Onyx/I9.
That said, I doubt you could go wrong with either.

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