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PRO Discover Aero Gravel Cockpit is Designed with New Gravel-Specific Testing Standard

PRO Discover Aero Carbon gravel bike handlebar & 10 degree stem, riding
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Synced up with the debut of a new GRX Di2 gravel group over the weekend, PRO has a new Discover Aero Carbon bar and boxy 10° stem to dial in a fast gravel race bike cockpit. Set to roll onto the race circuits at Unbound this coming weekend, the new Pro Discover offering promises aero gains, full cockpit adjustability, and internal cable routing flexibility to work with almost any gravel bike setup.

PRO Discover Aero Carbon gravel bar & 10° stem

PRO Discover Aero Carbon gravel bike handlebar & 10 degree stem, 3 different cable routing options

Aero is everything, even in gravel, so Pro is getting in on the aerodynamics game with a new carbon bar and steeper stem to get your cockpit down (or alternatively up too). But while most companies are going fully integrated to go aero, Pro sticks with a separate bar & stem concept for full fit flexibility.

PRO Discover Aero Carbon handlebar, gravel bike bar, underside cable routing groove

Plus, they do internal routing in a simple way that’s clean if you want it, but hassle-free if you prefer a more traditional setup.

So, what’s new?

All-new Pro Discover Aero Carbon bar ergonomics

PRO Discover Aero Carbon gravel bike handlebar & 10 degree stem, top cockpit view

The Discover Aero Carbon bar is only Pro’s second carbon handlebar in the lineup. It tones things down a bit from the adventure-riding direction with regards to shaping, settling for a reasonable 12° flare to the drops.

PRO Discover Aero Carbon handlebar, gravel bike bar, front view

But then Pro adds a gentle 4° forward sweep, and 4° downward slope to the tops which they say will help riders comfortably maintain an aero position while riding fast on the flattened tops.

PRO Discover Aero Carbon handlebar, gravel bike bar, angled view

Those flat tops curve around the first bend and then rise back up towards the round section where you mount the hoods – staying wide and flat. That should make for a super smooth comfortable transition onto the hoods – assuming you wrap your bar tape well. The aero top is just about 40mm deep across the flat, and just 17mm thick, meant to be fully wrapped with bar tape for off-road comfort.

PRO Discover Aero Carbon handlebar, gravel bike bar, side shallow bend

The compact bend bar comes in three widths 40, 42 & 44cm wide, measured center-center at the hoods. And with the flare, it measures about 4cm wider outside at the end of the drops.

PRO Discover Aero Carbon handlebar, gravel bike bar, top view

Pro combines the bar’s T700 unidirectional carbon with their signature Dyneema fibers to increase compliance – both filtering out some gravel road buzz and improving durability.

A separate new stem to match

PRO Discover Stem 10 gravel bike 10-degree alloy stem, angled

“Integrated cockpits might be all the rage right now, but for the vast majority of riders the combination of a handlebar and stem simply allows for a better bike fit”

– Mark Kikkert, PRO Product Development Team Manager

Can I just thank Mark for that statement, real quick?

PRO Discover Stem 10 gravel bike 10-degree alloy stem, flip u por down

Pro already had a relatively conventional rounded box section +/-6° alloy stem. But now it adds an even more boxy angular +/-10° stem to offer a bit lower position on the bike. The new stem has a more aggressive machined aesthetic, and what looks like slightly lower stack. But the real update is about getting a lower position on the bike for the #slamthatstem crowd.

Again, Pro 3D-forges then machines the 7075-alloy to maximize stiffness at a low weight. Officially, weight claims are essentially the same for the old & new stems, although the Discover Stem 10 comes in one shorter size than the 6°, so I expect this one could weigh ~5 or 6g more.

Tech details

PRO Discover Aero Carbon gravel bike handlebar & 10 degree stem, top view

PRO Discover Aero Carbon Handlebar

  • Material: UD T700 carbon with Dyneema fibers for optimized compliance
  • Flare: 12°
  • Forward Sweep: 4°
  • Bar shape: Compact 100mm drop, 72mm reach
  • Clamping diameter: 31.8mm, compatible with clip-on extensions
  • Cable routing: externally-accessible grooves for flexible hidden cables, plus Di2 controller holes
  • Widths: 40, 42 & 44cm, measured at the hoods
  • Weights (claimed): 40cm 265g, 42cm 280g, 44cm 285g

PRO Discover Stem 10

  • Material: 3D forged & CNC-machined AL 7075 aluminum
  • Cable routing: Electronic shift wire compatibility
  • Angle: ±10°, flip up or down design
  • Steerer diameter: 1 1/8″
  • Length: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 & 120mm
  • Clamping diameter: 31.8mm
  • Weight (claimed): 60mm 146g, 70mm 150g, 80mm 155g, 90mm 161g, 100mm 166g, 110mm 173g & 120mm 180g.
  • Accessories: Compatible with 2-bolt faceplate-mounted out-front PRO Computer Mount

New Gravel Testing Standard

Both new Discover components are said to be the first to be tested under a new “PRO Gravel Standard protocol”. Much like we just saw with Ritchey, Pro have recognized the increased stresses riders are subjecting gravel bikes to, so they’ve upped their test standards to match, delivering improved rider safety.

The PRO Gravel standard takes the highest values from Road (stage 1 – 280N) and MTB (stage 2 – 450N) (shown in the table above, listed in blue). The existing PRO Quality Guide describes that for a PRO component to be released to riders it needs to test at 110% load for alloy and 125% load for carbon. 

For stage 1, PRO alloy components are tested to 308 Newton, and PRO carbon components are tested to 350 Newton. 

For stage 2, PRO components need to pass at the higher MTB force of 495 Newton for alloy, and 562.5 Newtons for carbon. Note the results of stage 1 and 2 for dummy handlebar testing highlighted in green above.

The new PRO Discover Aero Carbon Handlebar is the first PRO Discover product to be tested according to the standard listed above. Its passing should further reassure riders of the robust quality of this new PRO handlebar.


PRO Discover Aero Carbon handlebar & Stem 10 – Pricing & availability

PRO Discover Aero Carbon gravel bike handlebar & 10 degree stem, Laurens ten Dam

The all-new PRO Discover Aero Carbon gravel race bike handlebar sells for 350€ in three widths – 40, 42 & 44cm. And the new alloy Discover Stem 10 sells for 100€ in 7 sizes – 60-120mm.

Pro ambassador and elite gravel racer Laurens ten Dam is set to race the new cockpit this coming weekend at Unbound. But for the rest of us, the new carbon bars are slated to be available in your local bike shop and through regular Pro/Shimano distribution channels by late June or early July. We’re waiting to hear back about the new stem availability.


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25 days ago

Love the PRO series….but why not a 38cm??? It’s an AERO gravel bar. Wide for trail/dynamic riding, narrow (supportive, proper alignment) for true gravel/static riding for more rider comfort and efficiency (aero profile). Please

24 days ago
Reply to  gravel

10000x this.

Larry Falk
Larry Falk
24 days ago

As a former professional mechanic, I like the stem closure idea or system. I saw lots of stems come in unevenly tightened and this should help alleviate that.

24 days ago
Reply to  Larry Falk

A lot of mtb stems have been this way for years. Not sure why it isn’t adopted on every stem by now.

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