Public Bikes’ Special Edition D8i Champs Elysées Bike


Just over a month ago Public Bikes, based in San Francisco, put out a new special edition of their popular D8i steel city bike, built around an 8-speed internally geared hub. The limited edition bike takes its name from Paris’ most famous boulevard, the Champs-Elysées, dubbed by the French as “the world’s most beautiful avenue”. To bring to mind the classic French city bikes you might find riding around Paris and throughout small towns across France, Public takes elements of the old French 3 speeds and adds some modern touches for an up to date, yet still classic ride. Join us after the break for a close look and the details, plus huge Cyber Monday deals on this bike and others as well…


The D8i Champs-Elysées is designed to be an elegant bike to get around town, from a trip down to the neighborhood cafe, or to visit local shops and along just go for a cruise. Like some of Public’s other city bikes, the Champs-Elysées uses a chromed finish throughout that is reminiscent of the polished aluminum tubing of many 1950’s era Mercier bikes, from which they take a lot of inspiration. That look retains a classic look even a half century later and results in a finish that holds up well to the rigors of city riding over time.

Public-Bikes_D8i-Champs-Elysees_special-edition-city-bike_front-3-4 Public-Bikes_D8i-Champs-Elysees_special-edition-city-bike_cockpit


As with the other D8i bikes, the Champs-Elysees Special Edition uses a 4130 Chromoly frame built around an 8-speed Alfine internally geared hub for the ultimate in reliability. It gets an Antique Brown Brooks B17 leather saddle and matching house-brand leather ring grips. In a nod to real world functionality, the bike includes a shiny silver Porteur-style front rack, and it adds a Spurcycle Raw Bell brass bike bell for a bit of safety.

Public-Bikes_D8i-Champs-Elysees_special-edition-city-bike_rear-zoom Public-Bikes_D8i-Champs-Elysees_special-edition-city-bike_drivetrain

The special edition D8i Champs-Elysees Edition also includes the standard full coverage fenders (in high-polish aluminum), kickstand, and chainguard seen on many of Public’s townie bikes. It is available today (Cyber Monday) for $1,100, saving $400 off its regular price. It’s basic edition Public D8i sibling is marked down to just $700 today only in it’s most affordable Alfine setup.

Public-Bikes_Mini-C_powder-blue-balance-bike Public-Bikes_V1_avocado-singlespeed-city-bike

The D8is are not the only thing on sale over at Public. Pretty much every bike in their range is being discounted today. From tiny, classy balance bikes for $90 (from $130) to a $200 (down from $500) singlespeed cruiser with full coverage fenders, there’s something to fill everyone’s stocking…

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6 years ago

Just over a month ago Public Bikes, based in San Francisco, put out a new special edition of their [B]popular[/B] D8i steel city bike”.

Popular? How many of these things have they really sold?

6 years ago


As far as how many D8i models they have sold, I can say, as the largest dealer of public bikes in Oregon, we have sold quite a few D8i’s. We have even sold a fully chrome D8i. If anyone is interested in trying out a D8i, or any other public model for that matter, feel free to stop by if you are in the Portland area!

-the Crank team