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First Impressions: Quoc Escape Lace Up Road Shoe

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If you’ve been following the news on the site (and we know you have), you’ve noticed some new shoes from the UK brand Quoc. They are known for unique designs with a pop of color, carbon and are fairly fashion forward. The brand has recently pushed into the top tier of footwear, supplying riders like Tour de France champion Geraint Thomas with its new ultra light M3-Air shoe. But they aren’t forgetting their roots, especially the value/performance shoes they do best.

(The Quoc off-road shoe line as seen in Unison Bike Lab PGH. Photo: Jordan Villella/Bikerumor)

The newest offering is a bit of a re-offering: the Quoc Escape shoe. The Escape is Quocs’ mid-to-entry-level road shoe with a carbon sole. It is a popular cross-country and cyclocross shoe in the two-bolt offering and now makes its way to the three-bolt field—but with laces! 

What’s New – Quoc Escape Lace Up Road

Photo: Jordan Villella/Bikerumor

So, obviously, yes, the laces are new, but the addition of the laces changes the feel of the shoe and the ride (in my opinion). The sole is carbon composite to balance stiffness and comfort. Plus, it makes the shoe a bit more walkable if you get off the bike and need to hike. The Quoc Escape Lace Up Road Shoe is designed to provide a comfortable and high-performance ride, without the high price tag. 

Classic Look 

The look of the black “leather” of the Escape shoe is timeless and stylish. The understated logos and singular vision are a nice touch. Quoc always has a unique pastel color pallet with its footwear, adding a touch of individuality to cycling gear. The natural-colored rubber tread on the bottom is a nice peak of pastel. The Escape Lace comes in the classics: white and black (though I would have liked an Amber option, too), giving you options to match your style. 

Photo: Jordan Villella/Bikerumor

As far as the lacing pattern goes, the Escape is straightforward. A wide lace hole is up one from the bottom and at the top. I feel this lacing pattern gives the shoe extra support and flexibility.

Classic Material 

Light air holes (or “speed holes” for those Simpsons fans) offer just the proper amount of air-flow. The closed-toe box is warm on chilly mornings, with just enough wind cover to help.

The toe box is covered with a light rubber over the PU leather. In the heat of a mid-day ride, the holes let in a nice breeze, but it won’t chill your toes. 

The PU Leather is a nice material for all-around use and keeps the cost down. The abrasion resistance is high (from my experience), and the pebbled detail makes it look very authentic. Plus, after a muddy ride in the spring, they clean up fairly well. 

Quoc Escape Lace Up Road Shoe – Details

  • Colors: White and Black colors
  • Sole: Carbon Composite
  • Upper: PU 
  • Double lock, anti-slip laces for multi-point adjustment
  • Malleable heel padding and supportive, foot-hugging fit
  • Organically structured ventilation air holes for breathability
  • Reflective zig-zag detailing lace-guide
  • Replaceable Heel Pad
  • Weight: 523g pair size 43
  • Size range: EU38-47 (Whole sizes)
  • 3-bolt road cleat compatible 
  • Price: $180 USD, £130 GBP, €160 EUR

Ride Impressions 

My time in the Quoc Escape Lace shoes was brief but with lasting impressions. I had a solid week of riding in them, going into the Pittsburgh Roubaix (a grand-fondo-style cobbled ride in our area). The Roubaix was the final test, and I initially thought I would need lots of time to dial the shoes in, especially cleat placement. I’m a bit of a pain when it comes to cleat placement, constantly “fine-tuning” or “messing with it,” as my friends say. 

Its All About Fit 

With the Escapes, however, the casual nature of the shoe helped ease my anxiety. The fit of the shoe can be describes as middle of the road for road cycling footwear. It’s not narrow (like older Specialized shoes) or wide. The fit most resembles my Shimano road shoes, with amble toe box movement.

I chose a size 43, but a 43.5 would have been the perfect fit. My toes were close to the fabric at the end but not the max out point. If these were narrower shoes, I would have been in trouble. Quoc only offers whole sizes in these, so a thick winter sock might max the fit out, but thats why they make shoe covers. 

On the Road

Photo: Ryan Popple

After a bit of time tinkering with the cleat (much less than usual), I went on my inaugural ride with the Escapes. The lace-up design felt awesome. I usually wear Boa-style shoes for the road and sometimes have to click in/out the dial to get my fit perfect. The laces, however, felt very good, no hotspots from Boa wires in new places or loose untied shoes. It felt like the front of the shoe was more supple and forgiving when out of the saddle or moving the forefoot. Sometimes I find the Boa closures in out of the box shoes to pinch or dig in slightly.

The black shoes get a little warm in the sun, but nothing out of the ordinary (but they also have a white option). 

Roubaix Test

In my final rides for testing, I took the Escapes to the Pittsburgh Roubaix and treated them to a mix of conditions and up-hill cobbles. The first test involved spending all day (about six hours in total) in the shoes, and they passed with flying colors. Even with the slight bit of water from a saturated pave’ section, they were good and dried out quickly. 

The slightly flexible sole was a pleasure to walk in and off the bike. I could feel the flex of the composite sole slightly when walking uphill. Doing this type of all-day ride/adventure in race-day shoes could have been a disappointment, especially in the uber-stiff ones. 

Performance-wise, the Escapes put up with everything I could put out. The shoe was a sturdy platform to pedal from, accommodating the day’s efforts. Out of the saddle and giving it my all, I felt locked in for the most part. I think the heel cup could retain a bit more, but I’m also used to a “shark-skin” style fabric on my other shoes. Plus – I have to remember this isn’t a full blown race-day shoe.


If you’re a road rider looking for a road shoe that offers extra style and performance at an excellent price, the Quoc Escape Lace should be at the top of your list. The fit is comfortable, the performance is excellent, and the ability to get off the bike and not feel like you’re in ski boots is great. These would make a great daily driver or performance commuting shoe as well. If you’re a dedicated racer and only the top-of-the-line will do. I would check out the M3 Air, but keep the Escapes in your cart because they are more comfortable for long-day adventures and won’t break the bank. 


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Rim Brake enjoyer
Rim Brake enjoyer
1 month ago

Get the black shoes. I had a pair of S-Works black shoes that hat 80,000 miles on them and still looked new until my dog ate the tongue of the shoe. The reason these brands make the pro riders wear white shoes is so you buy them and then they look worn very quickly. Yes you can clean them inside old tube socks but they never have that “pro” out of the box look to them. You’re welcome.

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