Race Face adds a new, wider Aeffect R alloy all-mountain flat pedal for riders looking for more grip to conquer more technical trails. With a 25% larger platform, thinner stack, and more open design, the new Aeffect R pedals are actually even tougher than ever, adding a new lifetime warranty peace of mind, but not a lot of extra weight…

Race Face Aeffect R wide platform pedals

Race Face Aeffect R wide platform pedals, black detail

all. c. Race Face

The new flat pedals join Race Face’s other Aeffect high-performance, high-value spec components built for more aggressive trail, all-mountain, and enduro riding. Now claiming the widest aluminum body in their class, the new Aeffect Rs promise that perfect blend of ultimate grip in any terrain, lightweight, and trusted durability.

Race Face Aeffect R wide platform pedals, blue pair

With a fresh design and larger platform, the Aeffect R pedal follows the evolution of modern trail bikes and down-country rigs, providing you a more sure-footed, durable pedal to match your single-track endeavors.

Tech details

Race Face Aeffect R wide platform pedals, angled showing traction pins

The Aeffect R pedals get a big 110mm x 115mm platform (up from 101x100mm on the original Aeffect), and a 15.5mm thick are 1.4mm thinner, too. The new flat pedals spin on a tough chromoly steel axle, with an inner bushing and outer sealed bearing, and are user-serviceable.

Race Face Aeffect R wide platform pedals, side colors

The 6000-series alloy body gets 10 replaceable top-loaded grub screw style traction pins per side, so you can dial in how much grip you want. But the pedal body is also thinner to maximize clearance over obstacles, and more open to better clear mud & debris.

Saying bigger is better, Race Face is also backing the new 440g pedals with a Lifetime Warranty.

Race Face Aeffect R pedals – Pricing & options

Race Face Aeffect R wide purple platform pedals

The new, wider Aeffect R platform pedals sell for $130 / 130€, and come in a nice array of six ano colors. Pick from classic black, or spice up your build with bright red, orange, green, blue, or purple. The new Race Face Aeffect R alloy flat pedals officially go on sale today, but broad availability will likely roll out throughout May. In the meantime, the purple pedals are in stock now for Canadians ($170CAD) hunting extra grip!


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8 days ago

Too wide and too thick. Gonna cause more rock strikes than necessary.

8 days ago
Reply to  syborg

Nah these look fantastic and wide, get 165mm cranks if you’re worried about rock strikes!

Troy Phillips
Troy Phillips
7 days ago
Reply to  Hambo

Yes I’m running 165mm cranks and huge Chromag Dagga flats . Diggin em
My bike does have a high bottom bracket. But for my trails it’s ok .
I took a 26” Kona AbraCadabra with a 13.5” bb and made it 27.5” with 2.4 and 2.5” tires. My bb went up to 14.25” approximately. I did put a 2 degree offset headset making it a 64 degree ha. Then a 150mm fork instead of 160.
She’s now climbing like a goat n rippin the twistys . Most of all we have washouts and lots of tree roots on the climbs . If I had a lower bb and longer cranks I’d be hanging up . When I was 13.5” and 175mm cranks during full compression on fast tech areas I’d catch a crank sometimes. That’s scary. Now I’m ripping though and big flats are giving me so much control.
Love me big flats

Troy Phillips
Troy Phillips
7 days ago

Love big wide from the crank arm out pedals. I am running the Chromag Daggas and live them . With sticky soled shoes my feet are stuck down like glue also . But I like running a very stiff carbon soled shoe . I’m stuck down but can move my feet around on the BIG platforms as needed .
“It’s like dancing on the dance floor “ being able to put your feet wherever needed to create pressure for proper bike handling.