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Recon Instruments, the same company that has already brought us heads up displays in goggles, is now taking it to the streets. Or anywhere you wear sunglasses instead of goggles, that is. In all honesty, the Recon Jet functions a lot like Google Glass but with more features and no see through display. The Jet also actually has lenses as well, so for situations where eye protection is needed there is no need for an additional pair of glasses.

Will your next cycling computer be on your face instead of your bike? Read on for more.

Obviously, Recon sees the Jet applicable to more than just cyclists – even surgeons!

“Doctor, should we operate?”

“One second, I’m checking my email.”

In all seriousness, the Jet does have some interesting features. Equipped with a dual core processor, dedicated graphics, Wi-Fi, ANT+ (power!), Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and HD camera, and multiple sensors, it seems like there isn’t much the Jet can’t do. Jet claims that the positioning of the display was decided on through consumer testing, but we can’t help but think it may be a bit distracting.

Recon Jet_balanced engineering

In addition to the electronics, the design of the actual glasses portion was scrutinized as well. Optics are claimed to be high quality polarized pieces, and the glasses with the microcomputer is said to weight only 60g. The glasses are also balanced on the nose as shown here, though there is no demonstration of balance left to right. Battery for the unit is interchangeable and snaps into place, though no word exactly what the batter is and if it is rechargeable.

Recon works by using their patented gaze detection, meaning the Jet only turns on when you glance at the screen. Of course with an optical touch sensor there is no need to remove gloves, or even stop to navigate through the device.

Recon Jet_black_front

While not available yet, Recon lists the Jet as coming 2013. Recon showed an early version of the Jet at Google I/O, which is their annual developer conference that started the 15th. Thanks to Recon’s open SDK or platform, developers will be able to create native apps for just about anything on the Jet.

According to Hamid Abdollahi who is the CTO of Recon Instruments, “We are excited to be showing Recon Jet at Google I/O. Since we started the company in 2008, we have developed HUDs with a purpose; to relay instant, activity specific, user defined information effortlessly to the user’s eye. This philosophy is inherent in Jet which marries a powerful open platform, a widescreen display and high-performance polarized optics to offer what we believe is a great value proposition.”

What do you think, if the Jet works as promised would you adopt a HUD for cycling?


  1. FastWayne on

    Heads up display would be less distracting for road bikes. I almost never look down at my speedo when at high speed and never use one for mt. biking. It would be nice to see your cadence, speed, temp, grade or GPS w/o looking down. How cheap is this going to cost me?

  2. Gunnstein on

    Bring it! Though as I understand it this isn’t a real HUD. It blocks a part of your field of vision, it’s not a see-through display.

  3. Wave on

    I want to see as much of the trail as possible. Pretty sure this thing would just annoy me on a mountain bike.

  4. Gunnstein on

    These things are as inevitable as the mobile phone, I’m sure. They won’t actually be forced upon us, but eventually we’ll all be using them, except a few stubborn weirdos. Like the ones that refuse mobile phones now. They just need to get prices down, improve the display, and add more features.

  5. MG on

    I’d rather have google glass. Google will make apps for all these activities, and a sleeker design. just need a way to make them sunglasses too.

  6. JimmyZ on

    I’d be against this, but I’ve seen what texting can do for the world. Now if they could just integrate a touchpad with a saddle cover…but it will probably be voice command interface. I can’t wait to hear someone try to command their DI2 to shift, but the batteries died. Then when they get frustrated, Siri starts admonishing them that they said invalid, unrecognizable keywords. I’m getting a gopro just to film all these wacky inventions failing. These videos will be a service to humanity, displaying our mortal folly for all to see. I could use a Nobel Prize, tyvm.

  7. Chainwhipped on

    But can it chew my Clif Bar?

    I’m curious to see how this idea develops in the near future, but for now I’ll defer to bigger Freds than myself to try the early versions.

    Mmmm, Chocolate Chip Mint . . .


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