RedShark is back to their wild ‘cycling-on-the-water’ ways, with the new BoardBike that takes their original bike-boat concept and makes it lighter, more sporty, more affordable & a whole lot easier to travel with. Like the original RedShark Trimaran, this new BoardBike is offered in several different models – from a more affordable inflatable fitness setup, to a premium full carbon racing model… now you just have to find someone to race!

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boats

Introduced just last spring, the original RedShark Trimaran was a crazy concept. That one had a three-part rigid hull with something akin to a fitness bike trainer mounted on top. Sit on the RedShark and pedal away, and a sealed gearbox at the bottom bracket drives a propeller in the base, with a rudder controlled by standard handlebars for steering.

Now RedShark has made riding on the water easier to manage with a new family of three BoardBikes, essentially mounting the same bike frame & drivetrain on a couple of different oversized paddleboards.

RedShark Bike Board Sport & Fitness with inflatable decks

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boat bikes

By moving away from the short tri-hull design to a longer, single board, the RedShark BoardBikes are meant to have more of a bike-like feel on the water (which requires balance due to the relatively high center of gravity of bike + rider). That means they might be slower to turn on the water (the main rudder is still directly under the fork; and the propeller is still directly under the cranks), but they become much more maneuverable on dry land.

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boat bikes

Slap a couple of rollers on the back and tow it around like a kayak. Or in the case of the Sport & Fitness models, you can now let the air out of the inflatable board and back it down into a travel duffel.

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boat bikes

coastal photos courtesy of RedShark

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boat bikes

When you disconnect the upper bike frame from the board, you can easily carry it over your shoulder, and even transport the frame on many standard bike racks.

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boat bikes

The inflatable base is available with two different entry-level options – the 2475€ Bike Board Fitness & 2685€ Bike Board Sport. The main difference between the two is that the white-framed Fitness has a more upright position with a wide riser bar, while the black Sport features an aero road dropbar for a more forward position.

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boat bikes

Both share the same three chamber inflatable board, the same fiber-reinforced composite frame in one size (but with four adjustable fits). The Sport model also includes both the standard propeller & a second higher output prop.

RedShark Bike Board Race with lightweight rigid carbon deck

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boat bikes

If that doesn’t sound sporty enough for you, RedShark also has a no-holds-barred Race model that sells for 9875€.

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boat bikes

It swaps out the plastic-based bike frame for a full-carbon model, and replaces the inflatable hull for a lighter, carbon fiber alternative. The Bike Board Race also gets a set of carbon pursuit-style time trial bars and a carbon saddle.

RedShark BoardBike, packable pedal-powered boat bikes

All three models are available direct from RedShark. You can even try one before you buy one, from the Costa Brava HQ in Spain on the Mediterranean coast.

More affordable than most bikes we test, it might be time for us to take one out for a test spin. The planet is 71% covered with water after all…


  1. Eric on

    Ah, bwahahahahahahahaha…!

    It can collect dust in the garage of the 5000 square foot McMansion, next to the Moots Route RSL with Super Record (that has has been ridden less than 5 times) and the 4Runner TRD Pro that has never, ever seen dirt (and never will…)

  2. Collin S on

    Click on the first article to see the list of great comments. There hasn’t been a good hate product on here for a while. Thank you for posting this.

    Why does it have such a tall top tube? It would make it even more unstable when trying and jump over that thing. The video clearly shows that the thing is unstable and the guy cannot maintain a steady cadance. The cadance reminds me of what it looks like when you are trying to climb a steep rocky section at 2mph. You are constantly giving a little body english to stay upright.

  3. preston on

    Has anyone ridden one of these ? Do they really work ? How fast are you moving through the water ? Faster than the average paddle boarder ? There are no gears, does it ever feel like you need them ie do you ever spin out or is the cadence window totally drag limited ? Can you ride one in choppy water or is it as mentioned above very unstable ? I’ve often looked at those cheesy sit down paddle boats you can rent at most tourist areas and wondered if there could be a high performance version. I would think more of a litle boat hull would be a lot more stable but you are still fighting the problem of the high COG.

    I would love to try one of these but sheesh the price, and the lakes around here are always pretty choppy, (but not so bad that you can’t do a normal stand up paddle board.)

    I think they might have more success if they built something that you could bolt an existing bike frame to.OBviously have to remove the wheels and perhaps reroute the chain down to the prop. The forks would bolt into a swivel rudder.

  4. Tom on

    Irony of the name is that thing looks exactly like shark food from below. I’d be a little leary about pedaling that slug around in open water where a good gust of wind could tip you over, or worse, push you off shore. Right into the shark’s buffet.

    • Kyle on

      Sharks don’t attack people like that.. they are not interested at all on eating humans. More people die from poisonous shells and urchins than sharks.. please educate yourself before you comment.

  5. Dylan on

    If they could make these cheap enough and robust enough I could see them being a fun thing to try at a beach resort. Comedy gold as soon as the wind gets up or there is the tiniest swell.
    Waiting for the video of somebody surfing one of these 🙂

  6. Padrote on

    if I see the guy with clip on aero bars in my weekly redshark hammer ride again i’m gonna give him a piece of my mind

  7. Massepan on

    Balancing on that carbon board with cleats looks super fun! Sort of like an ice cube in a teflon pan. Pedalling hard without moving very fast or being at altitude could well make it the hottest activity on Earth. Badass!


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