Do you love racing but hate dealing with ugly and drag-inducing paper race numbers? Ass Savers has a solution, with their new third-generation Aeronumbers system. Using adhesive paper, you can print your own custom numbers at home and attach them in the cleanest way possible to almost any bike.

Ass Savers Aeronumbers V3 race number mounting kit

Ass Savers is better known for their fenders (which helps to explain their cheeky name) – but they also make a unique solution for holding your race number, too. Now on its third iteration, the Aeronumbers system allows you to print your own custom adhesive race number at home using their supplied paper. The numbers adhere to a folding card that attaches to your bike with a single zip tie. For a quick demo, check out the video below:

Aeronumbers Printing & Mounting from Ass Savers on Vimeo.

The plate can be reused several times, and is UCI legal when you order it in the white option. Four printer labels come in the kit, with more available separately.

The Aeronumbers system is available now for €10, with black and white color options. A kit of five spare adhesive labels can also be had for €10. Check out more or order your own at the link below.

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Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
3 years ago

“That’s great! Now go pin a huge number into the left side of your Jersey”-Every USAC official when they see this shit on your bike.

2 years ago

The gap to the seat post suggests that it’s more like an air brake.