Reeb Sqweeb V4 is a 130mm or 150mm 29er, or a 163mm travel mixed-wheel enduro bike

Reeb Cycles has updated its modular trail bike platform, releasing the V4 Sqweeb with adjustable travel, now with a mixed-wheel option too. The Sqweeb V4 drops a pound (~453g) as compared the V3 with updated front and rear triangles, plus a new rocker design featuring pivots with improved bearing life and serviceability. The announcement comes with excellent news for Sqweeb V3 owners, too; upgrade kits allow riders to swap out the seat stays and rocker link to match the suspension kinematics and improvements of the US-made v4 Sqweeb. 

Reeb Sqweeb V4

2022 reeb sqweeb v4 160mm mullet configuration

The 2022 Reeb Sqweeb sees a bunch of updates, including a lighter top tube and seat stays that mount further inboard for more heel clearance and a slimmer look. They are 10mm narrower per side.

As with all Reeb Cycles before it, the Sqweeb V4 (aka Squishy Reeb) is made in house at the Reeb HQ in Lyons, Colorado. Developed by enduro racer and head fabricator, Adam Prosise, you can be sure its aluminum frameset at least holds up to his riding standards, not to mention Jeff Lenosky’s too

2022 reeb sqweeb short travel 130mm 29er

The 130mm 29er configuration of the 2022 Reeb Sqweeb

By virtue of Reeb Cycles’ modular shock mount system, the Sqweeb V4 can be set up in the following configurations:

  • 130mm 29er
  • 150mm 29er
  • 163mm mullet

The specific lower shock mounts for each config are available for $60 USD, though you’ll also need to purchase the relevant shock, too. The clever bit here is that those lower shock mounts allow you to switch between configurations without affecting the bike’s angles. The following table gives some key geometry figures on each configuration of the Sqweeb V4 in size large.

Reeb Sqweeb V4 Fork Travel Rear Wheel Travel Head Angle Seat Angle (effective) Chainstay Reach BB Drop
Short Travel 29 160mm 130mm 65° 76° 434mm 482mm 23mm
Long Travel 29 160mm 150mm 65° 76° 434mm 482mm 23mm
Long Travel Mullet 160mm 163mm 65° 76° 434mm 450mm 23mm

All three setups are designed to be paired with a 160mm travel, 44mm offset fork, with quoted geometry figures measured with a 572mm axle-to-crown fork. It’s the modular shock mounts that allow the head angle to be maintained at 65° and the effective seat angle at 76°. The only notable difference between the three setups is the reported shorter reach measurement on the mullet, quoted at 450mm. Also, you can get a slightly wider rear tire on the mullet (27.5″ x 2.6″) versus the 29ers (29″ x 2.5″). For those who want to pore over the geometry details, all three complete geometry charts can be found at the foot of this article.

2022 reeb sqweeb v4 rocker

Reeb Cycles tells us the suspension kinematics have been improved to provide better pedaling, controlled braking, and the most tune-able and predictable platform available

The Reeb Sqweeb V4 is a lot lighter than the V3 version, apparently by around 453g (1 lb). Some 92g of that weight saving is thanks to the new rocker, now a 3-piece design with tighter tolerances. Reeb tells us they also greatly reduced manufacturing waste material with the new design. The rocker marries with a Trunnion mount shock running bearings, not bushings, while the rest of its pivots run on dual row bearings for double the load capacity.

2022 reeb sqweeb v4 clevis seat stay rocker interface makes rear end stiffer

The V4 gets a clevis mount at the rocker-seat stay interface to improve the rear end stiffness

The Sqweeb V4 continues forward with the CNC machined suspension/seat tube assembly we covered in detail previously.

2020 REEB Sqweeb v3 trail bike, adjustable travel 130mm 150mm alloy trail enduro mountain bike

The BB-Main Pivot Cluster sees more internal machining for weight reduction

Good news for Sqweeb V3 owners; Reeb Cycles are offering a Sqweeb v4 Rear End Upgrade Kit (MSRP $650). It doesn’t give anywhere near half the weight savings of the full V4, though it does give you more heel clearance at the stays, the stiffer rear end imparted by the clevis seat stay-rocker interface, as well as the suspension kinematics of the V4.


2022 Reeb Sqweeb V4 130mm 29er


2022 Reeb Sqweeb V4 150mm 29er

2022 Reeb Sqweeb V4 160mm mullet

2022 Reeb Sqweeb V4 160mm mullet

Pricing & Availability

The 2022 Reeb Sqweeb V4 frame only retails at $2,750 USD, with complete build options starting from $5,430 USD. Head to the Reeb Cycles website for more details on pricing and availability.

CNC engraved head tube badge available at $75 upcharge

A CNC engraved head tube badge is available at a $75 USD premium

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Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
9 months ago

To me, this is the modern-day version of the venerable aluminum Turner 5-Spot/RFX.

Nice work, REEB!