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Revel Wheels RW27 MTB wheelset delivers Fusion-Fiber tech in lighter package

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Just before everything went sideways in 2020, Revel Bikes introduced their new brand – Revel Wheels. More than just another me-too carbon wheel brand, Revel Wheels brought something new to the table. Partnering up with the team behind Fusion-fiber, Revel introduced the RW30 wheelset. Now, Revel is bringing that same Fusion-Fiber tech to a wheelset more suited for their Ranger (or any other aggressive XC/trail bike for that matter).

Revel Wheels RW27 MTB wheelset rim

What is Fusion-Fiber? Basically, it’s a new take on carbon construction that uses “advanced polymers” in place of the traditional epoxy from pre-preg carbon fiber. The rims are still constructed from unidirectional long fiber German and Japanese carbon, only the rims are laid up and cross plied robotically, and then flash welded together. Between the automated layup and the super short 20 second cure time, rims are produced more quickly, with greater consistency and precision, and no need for scraping, sanding, or clear coating.

Revel claims that this also results in a more environmentally friendly process – especially when you consider the fact that the rims are 100% recyclable. Fusion-Fiber also results in a rim that claims to have better impact resistance and a quiet, damped ride which is something I’ve experienced for myself out on the trail (and can confirm).

So What’s New?

Revel Wheels RW27 MTB pair of rims

New to the family is the RW27. That 27 refers to the inner width of the rim, 27mm. The RW30 is similar, though that rim is actually only 29mm wide. Both feature a hookless, tubeless compatible rim design with a 35mm depth.

Thanks to the slightly narrower width, each rim is 50g lighter. That narrower width results in a slightly revised recommended tire size range. These wheels are meant for 2.2 – 2.5″ tires. They’re also only available in 29″ diameters whereas the RW30 is offered in both 27.5 and 29″.

Revel Wheels RW27 MTB wheelset side profile

The RW27 rims will be offered in 28 or 32h drilling, and will be sold as complete wheels or rims only all with a lifetime warranty. Complete wheels will only be offered in 28h drilling though, and sold with your choice of Industry 9 1/1 hubs ($1,975) or I9 Hydra hubs ($2,200). It seems that for now, the complete wheels will only be offered in Boost spacing. Both use Sapim D Light black spokes with Sapim black brass nipples and include rim tape and valve stems pre-installed.

Revel Wheels RW27 MTB wheel

Available as a rim only for $699 per rim, the wheels will also be the OEM spec for the Revel Ranger from here on out.


  • 27mm width 

  • 29” rim diameter 

  • Available in 28H or 32H drilling

  • Complete wheels or rim only

  • Wheelsets available with 28H Industry 9 Hydra (1740g) or 1/1 hub (1770g) options  

  • XD or Microspline driver body options

  • ERD: 592

  • Rim depth 35mm

  • Rim only weight: 430g

  • Lifetime warranty 

  • Rim is recyclable Fusion-Fiber material 

  • Recommended tire width 2.2-2.5”


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Jim E
Jim E
3 years ago

Is “Fusion-Fiber” just a new name for Thermoplastic carbon?

3 years ago
Reply to  Jim E

Quite a bit more complicated than that. May seem that simple but far from it.

3 years ago

Reaction injection molding is my guess.

3 years ago
Reply to  cheese

@cheese I highly doubt that these are produced with RIM. Everything I’ve read previously says that they use traditional looking carbon fiber sheets that are impregnated with a nylon bonding agent rather than a two-part thermoset resin. RIM involves injection of highly reactive materials into a mold, so that would be in conflict with the layered assembly of the rims.

K-Pop is dangerous to your health
K-Pop is dangerous to your health
3 years ago

Made by CSS Composites in Utah. Founded by Joe Stanich, formerly of ENVE. Interesting stuff.

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