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Review: Chrome Midway Pro SPD Shoes and Bonus Mini Review: Chrome Merino Wool Socks

Chrome Midway Pro Cleat and Sole
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Chrome Midway Pro Cleat and Sole

Back in June we posted a review of both the Chrome Kursk Pro and the Mission Workshop’s Rondel (a DZR shoe).  While both are good shoes, the Rondel came out on top due to some fit issues with the Krusk Pro.

As expected, Chrome has expanded their Pro series to include their popular Midway shoe.   The taller design should help with the slip issues noticed in the Kursk Pro.  Head past the jump for the full details, plus a little something about their fantastic wool socks.

Chrome Midway Pro Laces

First up, the details.  The Midway Pros are made from 1000 denier Cordura with a sueded upper.  As their name suggests, they are cut to hit mid-ankle.  The shoe incorporates the same full length nylon/glass shank and forefoot rocker as the Kursk Pro’s for increased stiffness and walkability.  Laces are run through steel aglets, and the shoe has a lace garage (an elastic band on the tongue) to keep them out of the way.  And last but not least, they feature a two bolt recessed cleat receptacle.  Cost is set at $110, and sizing ranges from a Men’s 6 to 13.

Chrome Midway Pro Side View

Out of the box, the Midway Pros come with a rubber section bolted in where the cleat would go.  This is great should you want a stiffer shoe but prefer to ride platform pedals with cages.  It’s also nice because you don’t have to cut out a section of the sole with a sharp blade to access the cleat bolts.  Once I did install my Crank Brothers cleats, the set up was very simple.  I did cheat a bit however.  Being that the sole is the same as the Kursk Pro’s, I dug them out of the closet and simply matched the cleat position.  The setup was perfect the first time.

As expected, the shoe performs on the bike just like the Kursk Pros.  This a good thing, as that’s what I loved most about them.  The sole, with its full length reinforcement, is very stiff.  It feels more akin to a mid-range MTB shoe when riding.  I have had no issues putting in long miles with these on my feet.

Chrome Midway Pro angle view

My concern for the Midway Pros were with how they would perform off the bike.  The Kursk Pros exhibited bad heel slip and left blisters.  I was hoping that the higher cut on the Midway’s would elevate that.  My assumption was correct, and the heel slip is gone.  I am able to wear them for much longer periods of time, and all day comfort is greatly improved.  The only issue I have with the shoe is that, if laced tight, the left upper digs into my ankle a bit.  This has lessened as the shoes have broken in, and is avoidable if I just leave the laces a bit looser.  Based on others I know who have tried out the shoes, this problem doesn’t effect everybody. Also, the cleat rarely contacts the ground when walking.  I only seem to notice it when I am treading on an uneven hard surface like black top or concrete.  My recommendation as always however, is to try before you buy.  Chrome products can be found in many shops, so head on over to your local bike shop and try a pair on.  Oh, and just like the Kursk Pros, these run about a half size smaller than your street shoe.

While the DZR shoes still win out in overall all day comfort, the Midway Pro’s find that balance of both on and off the bike performance.  Plus, I really like the look of the Midway Pro in all black with red accents.  Now that the heel slip issue is a non-issues, these shoes are more often my choice when running errands or commuting to work.  If you spend a lot of time on and off your bike throughout the day, give these shoes serious consideration.

Bonus Mini-Review:  Chrome Merino Wool Socks


I never really put much thought into the socks I wear.  That was until I obtained a couple pair of Chrome’s Merino wool socks.  I have one pair each of their no show and over the calf socks and I love them both.  They keep my feet dry, and I find that my feet don’t smell when wearing them all day.  I also have a tendency to destroy the heels in socks, but after three months of use they are holding up very well.  I anticipate they will last a long time.  These are well worth the money.  Speaking of, costs come in at  $12 for the no show and $18 for the over the calf version.  If you prefer a more traditional crew sock, they have that too for $16.



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12 years ago

I wonder if Chrome did any street usage testing, and I mean extensive testing. Sadly I don’t think they did. The Midway and the Kursk Pro both grate against the pavement, the sole is not deep enough to prevent grating of the spd cleats.

12 years ago

sweet, I’m going to warrantee my krusk pros for some midways…. The krusks I had awful heel slip, and were complete rubbish in terms of durability – little pieces of rubber (looks like old bits of chewing gum) started falling out of my heels and getting under my feet – Attn Crome please pay your Chinese slaves more my first world feet are un happy.

12 years ago

I totally agree with chip. I have the same issues with mine. My kurk pros are also falling apart. I hate how the cleat grinds on the ground when i walk. I dont really like the shoes. they didnt last long and are not very comfortable to walk in.

Mary Moncorge
12 years ago

I just got both the wool socks (mid calf and below knee) and the Midway pro. The socks are awesome: kept me warm when wet and don’t roll down.
The shoes, I’m disappointed: I wanted a pair of riding shoes that would look good of the bike and I can go walk around a bit in the city (museum, grocerie shopping, coffee shop…). They look great with jeans, pedaling is ok but walking with them is a big no no: almost as bad as road shoes, the recess for the cleat is not deep enough and I keep sliding in the supermarket aisle

Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez
10 years ago

I’ve just purchased a pair of these shoes with a very high expectatives. You know, all the advantages about a urban commuter shoes…

I’m very dissapointed about SPD issue that Suzi comments. If I had read reviews like that before, would not have purchased it… I found ‘stupid’ that one of the most popular cleats in the world doesn’t work with these shoes (because the sole thikness).

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