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Review: The Lazer Magma XC Helmet Provides a Great Fit and Low Weight at a Low Price

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2015 lazer magma XC helmet- trailside

It’s easy for high end companies to put large price tags on their flashy helmets. After all, it’s your head right? How much is it worth to you? Well thankfully for those of us who don’t have hundreds of dollars to burn, companies like Lazer won’t force you to ask yourself that question. Some brands seem out to prove that quality doesn’t have to come at a high cost, and after riding the Magma helmet I’d put Lazer on that list.

The Magma is Lazer’s 2015 cross country offering, which we previewed upon its release in February. While it’s not the flashiest lid on the market it’s certainly no eyesore, the weight is well in check and with their clever Rollsys retention system they nailed the most important part- the fit. In short, it’s proven to be a great helmet at a nice price point, so read on for all the details…

2015 lazer magma XC helmet- rear 2015 lazer magma XC helmet- left side

The first thing I noticed about the Magma is that it doesn’t feature extended back-of-head coverage like many newer ‘enduro’ lids do, it’s more of an XC style shape. This is likely because the in-mold shell is shared with Lazer’s road oriented model, the Blade. I tested a size small as my narrow, shallow dome hardly qualifies as an ‘orange on a toothpick’.

2015 lazer magma XC helmet- cradle adjustment

On my first few rides I felt like the retention cradle wasn’t deep enough, so I took advantage of the vertical adjustment and brought it down a few notches. The difference it made was exactly what I hoped for, and with the rear wings lowered the Magma coddled my head like a therapeutic masseuse treating a migraine.

2015 lazer magma XC helmet- inside shot

I was happy to see the straps were independent and anchored into the sides of the shell as opposed to the old-school continuous loop setup. The Y-adjusters don’t have locking tabs but they seem to hold themselves in place, as I’ve never had to re-adjust them.

2015 lazer magma XC helmet- front

While the word Magma means molten rock, I can assure you the helmet isn’t nearly that hot. Ventilation was actually very good, and the 22 vents kept me sufficiently cool even through a major heatwave. Appearance wise, the helmet isn’t the sleekest model out there but I liked its edgy profile and subtle matte black graphics. There is no tilt adjustment in the visor, but it sat right at the edge of my upper peripheral.

2015 lazer magma XC helmet- Rollsys dial

Lazer’s Rollsys retention system is definitely the highlight of this helmet. The top-mounted adjustment dial is very easy to use (with your gloves on), and the system cinches up evenly all around. The shell fit a bit snug front-to-back on my head, but as you go tighten up the Rollsys dial the cradle provides a very comfortable fit. Once dialed down, the Magma securely stays put without rattling around or shifting.

I love night riding, so I always check to ensure a new helmet will accommodate my light. I strapped on my Serfas True 1500 to really test the Rollsys system out, and it did not disappoint. Even with the Magma cinched on a bit tighter than I’d usually prefer, the full-wrap fit kept me comfortable and the helmet did not slide down over my forehead or feel shaky despite the extra weight.

2015 lazer magma XC helmet- right side

Lazer has produced an impressive XC helmet that addresses all the key points without emptying your wallet. The Magma looks good enough, is well ventilated, lightweight at 260g plus the visor (note- The website lists a size medium at 250g, but the sticker on the inside of mine says 260g) and most importantly fits well. The Lazer Magma retails for $100 USD and comes in S/M/L sizes. Color options include Black, Flash Yellow and Flash Orange.


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8 years ago

This helmet saved my life and kept me out of a wheel chair. I give it as many thumbs up as possible.

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