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Rickshaw Bagworks New Skinny Commuter Messenger Bag and Back Pack

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Rickshaw Bagworks Skinny Commuter Messenger Bag FrontHave you ever thrown your messenger bag over your shoulder and though, “Why the hell is this thing so heavy?”  Have you ever grunted when picking up your backpack to throw it on, only to be heading just down the road to work?  I know I have.  Rickshaw Bagworks has the solution.  Their new skinny commuter messenger and  skinny commuter backpack laptop bags simply don’t hold as much, so you can’t overload them.  When climbing the hill on the way home after a long day at work, a lighter load in my backpack would be nice.  

Past the break you will find more photos, and a bit more on their new mini commuter bag as well. 


Rickshaw Bagworks Skinny Commuter Backpack


Rickshaw Bagworks Skinny Commuter BackpackRicksaw Bagworks Mini Commuter Messenger 

Rickshaw Bagworks Mini Commuter Messenger Bag Open 

Rickshaw Bagworks is also pumping out their new mini commuter messenger bag out of their San Fransico shop.  It’s about half the size of its siblings, but it’s sized just right to hold your iPad, eReader, or netbook.  Head on over to Rickshaw Bagworks’s site for the full rundown on all of their handmade products.

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