Ron Wheels is a Polish outfit that was started in 2012 by a young triathlete and his father. Their latest product is the Aeron X disc wheel, boasting a host of modern features and a price under €1,000. The tubeless-compatible wheel is available in rim brake or disc brake versions, and comes stock with ceramic bearings.

Disc wheels are the go-to aero choice for triathletes and time trialists, though there are seemingly endless debates on how to best execute them. Flat? Bulged? Narrow? Wide? And more recently, disc brakes have added yet another necessary piece of the puzzle.

The Aeron X has a textured surface that they call “dimpled”, though it looks more like a textured honeycomb to us. Zipp is best known for actual dimples, so perhaps the different pattern was chosen for patent reasons, or simply a desire to differentiate.

The rim brake version has a surface called Hexstop, which they say is created by laser engraving. The texturing is said to help channel water away from the braking surface in wet conditions.

The disc brake version uses the Center Lock mounting standard.

The 25.6mm-wide rim is fully tubeless compatible, using their supplied tubeless valve.

Ron claims up to -259 grams of drag in the wind tunnel, for an estimated time savings of 3:27 for a 1/2 Ironman distance race (56 mile bike segment). Weight for the rim brake version is 1,080 grams, while the disc brake version weighs 1,180 grams.

The Aeron X is fully manufactured in Poland. It is available now for €949.


  1. Chris Dobbs on

    That texture is awfully similar to a 3M vinyl phone skin sold by DBrand.

    Nice wheel at a decent price but claiming dimpled seems like a bit of a stretch.


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