With more wheel options than ever, it seems like it’s no longer enough to just offer a killer product. Riders are looking for reassurance that they won’t be out a huge chunk of change if their pricey carbon rims meet an untimely demise. That’s led to a number of wheel manufacturers adding better warranties and impressive crash replacement programs. Now, you can add Roval Components to that list of companies as well.

Starting with a Lifetime Warranty to the original owner, Roval will cover the wheels against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser has the wheels. More impressive, is that this warranty will even extend to the subsequent owners for a period of two years.

Fabio Wibmer putting Roval wheels to the test. Photo c. Harookz

More importantly, Roval is introducing a “**it Happens” no-fault crash replacement. That means if you go a little too hard through that rock garden and smash your rim within the first two years of ownership, Roval will repair or replace it for free. This covers both stock Roval components on a Specialized bike, or Roval components that were purchased aftermarket.

Of course there are terms and conditions that you must comply with for the replacement to be valid. Most importantly, the components must have been purchased after 9/1/19, they have to be registered, and it doesn’t cover wear and tear items, cosmetic damages, or damage that didn’t occur while riding (smashed into the garage, etc.). For complete details check out the fine print below.

Important Terms for the “**it Happens” No Fault Crash Replacement Policy

For your Roval products to be covered under the “**It Happens Policy”, they need to be purchased in the United States after 1 September 2019. The policy applies only to the original retail purchaser. The products also need to be registered on rovalcomponents.com/register within 30 days of purchase. That way, we know you’ve purchased an eligible product and can better service you. Follow the link for more information on the registration process.

In all cases, the policy applies to damage that happened during riding. It does not apply to wear and tear items or cosmetic damage. Overshot a jump and broke your wheel while tomahawking down the mountain? That’s covered; well, at least the wheel. Damaged your carbon wheel from an exhaust pipe or drove into your garage with your bike on the roof? While that **it happens, it’s not covered.

To take advantage of this policy, you must go to an Authorized Roval Retailer. Depending on the damage, we’ll determine in our discretion whether to replace or repair the product. Your old product must be returned to your Roval Retailer. We do not keep inventory forever. If your product needs to be replaced and we no longer have it in stock, we’ll try our best to find you the most similar product then available.

† Shipping to and from the Roval Service Center is never included and your Roval Retailer may charge you a small service fee.




  1. Bill Bob on

    “it’s no longer enough to just offer a killer product” – in times of chinese rims with the same quality for not even half the price, it really is.

  2. Hexsense on

    CLX50 really need this kind of protection. While it is very light for the depth and dimensions, its side wall is thin and prone to damage.
    My friend crack a rim on a descend hitting a unexpected gravel on road a bit too hard. It is normal to flat a tire in that kind of bad angle. But his rim also cracked as the result. Nothing covered his case a few months ago.

    • watlina on

      Cracked my front CLX40 disc (S-WORKS Rouxbaix) in a not very big pothole. Ended up with Roval doing a crash replacment deal via the dealer for a CLX32 at about half price. Roval would have put a new rim on the CLX40 for about the same price but couldn’t give a time scale as they don’t make the CLX40 anymore and didn’t have a rim in the UK

  3. Tim Regen on

    Roval totally screwed you. A Roval purchased Aug 31st is somehow not covered and will cost you $1000+ to replace. I’d hate to see how they interpret their new policy when your fragile little wheels do break. Buyer beware, their new policy is just words backed by an off-shored customer service center that could care less about you or the wheels you bought from them. I should have paid the extra to buy Enve or Zipp.

    • Tim Regen on

      To be fair, my rant got to a specialized support lead and he swapped my wheels out, but the replacements are still not covered under their new policy. I will ride them hard for as long as they last I guess.

    • Grega Preseren on

      Rovals CLX50 on my Sworks Tarmac SL6 overheated and delaminated on a steep descent well within the first year of purchase. Specialized found every reason why not to cover it with warranty. I do not believe a word they say about their ‘lifetime’ warranty.


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