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Shred Optics launch Bigshow MTB Goggles w/ strap made from recycled plastic bottles

shred bigshow mtb goggles strap made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
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Shred Optics have added new MTB Goggles to their lineup of eyewear; the Amazify, Nastify and Soaza MTB+ Bigshow Goggles. As well as ensuring all their packaging is plastic-free, Shred are now making the goggle straps with plastic from recycled plastic bottles. Here’s a brief intro to all three.

Shred Bigshow MTB Goggles

shred bigshow mtb goggles recycled strap

At the top of the recycled goggles lineup is the Amazify MTB+ Goggle, designed for use with prescription glasses. It gets a pretty high-tech lens that Shred describe as an ultra-high optical precision-molded cylindrical double lens with tapered thickness. This tapering is said to optimize vision at all angles and enhance impact protection. The lens is also said to enhance image contrast and definition for all surface, weather, and light conditions.

shred amazify mtb+ goggles bigshow recycled plastic bottles strap

The lens offers 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection and has an anti-fog surface treatment. This is Shred’s most well-ventilated MTB Goggle; each vent has a hydrophobic surface treatment in a further effort to prevent fogging. 

The frame is 185mm wide and 100mm tall. The strap, which is the only part of the goggle made from recycled plastic, is 40mm wide and features a double silicone line backing.

So, what’s the actual environmental impact of the use of recycled plastic bottles in the case of Shred Optics? Well, 84% of the strap is made with recycled plastic bottles. They claim that for every 100 goggles made, 170 plastic bottles are recycled.  

shred nastify mtb+ goggle

The mid-range Shred Nastify MTB+ Goggle lacks the super high tech lens seen on the Amazify model, but that lens is still a high contrast one. It has less ventilation, but the vents that are there still get that hydrophobic coating to help keep the fogging at bay.

The Nastify MTB+ is actually a little smaller, too. It gets a 165mm wide frame that is 100mm tall. Unlike the Amazify, it isn’t optimized to work with prescription glasses.

shred soaza mtb goggle

At the budget end of the scale is the Shred Soaza Goggle with a 165mm x 100mm frame. This is the entry-level one featuring a basic cylindrical single lens. It does still provide 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection, however, and has an anti-fog surface treatment.

Pricing & Availability

shred bigshow amazify

The Shred Amazify and Nastify Bigshow MTB Goggles come with a spare lens, while the Soaza does not. Pick them up for $119.95, $84.95 and $69.95, respectively.


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2 years ago

Can you run tear offs with these?
It doesn’t look like you can.
Otherwise nice gogs, (that fit over Rx!) with a good eco twist.

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