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Shredits: Borderline Stupid, SRAM Garbanzo DH, Mammoth Flip, a Tribute to Robin Williams, and more

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We definitely need more mountain bike videos like this. Hilarity ensues when Gunnar Oliphant and Trigger Vision team up with Kirt Voreis, Carson Storch, and Jamie Goldman while they attempt to enter Canada without Carson’s missing passport… it’s a recumbent!

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From SRAM:

As it turns out, winning the Garbanzo DH requires a little bit of superstition and going as fast as you can.

Marcelo Gutierrez woke up on Garbanzo DH race day and put his right foot on the floor. He admits, somewhat reluctantly, that he’s a bit superstitious — but most racers are.

Breakfast was a smoothie and toast with honey and cinnamon that he brought from his home in Colombia. He travels with his favorite foods, but says he’s cut back from the half-suitcase load per trip that he used to bring along.

He did a couple of morning recon runs of his favorite track and then fulfilled media obligations before heading back to his room to rest up for the race. He would’ve rather rolled back to the lift and ripped laps in the bike park for the rest of the day — this is Whistler, after all — but saving energy for the 12-and-a-half minutes of flat-out charging of Garbanzo DH was more important.

Distractions are everywhere in this place, and Marcelo had to do his best to keep his eyes on the prize — even requesting that we talk to him after his practice runs rather than on the lift en route to his race run. He wanted our chat to be conversational and human instead of monosyllabic and robotic.

Before his race run, Marcelo warmed up with something that could best be described as something resembling a tribal dance. He says other riders laugh at him sometimes, but he doesn’t mind. It’s a pre-race routine designed to get his entire body ready. And then he prayed. He did some “pushups” on his handlebars. He grabbed his goggles. He breathed deep conscious breaths. And then, 10 or 15 seconds before his start, he smiled and told himself, “Okay dude, we’re going to enjoy this. It’s going to be good. Just let it go — and go as fast as you can.”

For the next 12 minutes and 24 seconds, the Giant Factory Team rider did exactly that, and “as fast as you can” was faster than anyone else.

Video by Mind Spark Cinema

Words by Joe Parkin

The day for Cam Zink’s record breaking backflip attempt is getting closer…

Cam Zink, a freestyle mountain biker, has been riding since he was 9 years old and continues to push the limit, as the sport continues to evolve.

Now Cam is really going to take it to the next level by attempting something nobody ever has before.

With the support of Mammoth Mountain, Monster Energy and the World of XGames, Cam is going to attempt to break a Guinness World Record with the #MammothFlip, the longest dirt-to-dirt backflip on a mountain bike.

Join us August 21st at Mammoth Mountain to witness this event in person at Canyon Lodge, otherwise tune into ESPN from 5-8 PM to watch live.

More details and information can be found here: http://www.mammothmountain.com/summer…

From IXS:

Last Fall, Mark Matthews took a season ending tumble at Rampage that left him with a shattered femur. A crash like that can have riders swearing off riding for good, but not Mark. Taking it as an opportunity to rebuild himself, Mark set out to prove his doctors wrong and get back on the bike before their projected timelines. A disciplined exercise and physio regimen, proper diet and patience put him back in the saddle ahead of schedule in just 6 months. Mark now has a renewed appreciation for riding and a new motivation; to have fun.

Welcome back, Mark.

From Scott Wootten at the Shenandoah Bicycle Company:

Harrisonburg’s backyard is famous for long climbs, ripping descents, rocky tech and destination quality trails thanks to the GWNF.  The George Washington National Forest is one of the largest federally managed public lands on the east coast.  Natural gas production in the forest is currently banned and it needs to stay that way.  Dominion Power has proposed a natural gas pipeline that is slated to cross the most remote and magnificent ridges in the forest to transport petrochemicals from fracking sites in West Virginia to export centers in North Carolina.  Not only would pipeline construction interfere with ecosystems and watersheds, but it would be infrastructure for directional drilling in the forest.  We cannot allow fracking in the forest.

We’re adopting the “No Fracking Pipeline in the George Washington National Forest” slogan to spread the word and to add value to the AdventureSeen lifestyle ride videos.  Protecting the places we ride is just as important as trailwork.    

Not only was Robin Williams way into bikes, he was apparently ahead of the curve on Enduro. This clip from RV certainly brings a smile to our faces. Thanks for the laughs Robin – Ride in Peace.


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9 years ago

“I’m recumbenting!”

9 years ago

Hahahaha! Go Gunnar!

9 years ago

Cam Zink is mental. Is he also doing a huge jump for TGR? Or is that a different guy?

Glad my bmx bandit days are behind me and I csn still ride, but i still like to see these young guys risk it. Cheers to safe, non paralyzing landings.

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