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SOC14: New KS Ether Stems and Handlebars Round Out Your Build

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After developing a reputation for high quality dropper posts, KS has chosen to throw their manufacturing expertise into developing a new line of stems, handlebars, and fixed seatposts. This move positions them to better serve the OE market, and gives loyal customers another great option for finishing off their custom builds.

To meet different price points, both the handlebars and seat posts will be available in carbon and aluminum…


We like wider handlebars, so we applaud the decision by KS to offer their components in fashionably wide trim. Their riser bars are a healthy 780mm wide, while the flat offerings are a respectable 720mm wide.


One thing you won’t notice in the Ether product line is handlebars with a ton of rise. That’s because of the new higher front ends on modern bikes, thanks to both larger wheels (650B and 29er) and longer travel forks. So, the company doesn’t offer a handlebar with more than a 20mm rise.


Interested? Here are the various widths, weights, and prices for the new line of handlebars:

  • Ether Carbon Riser Bar-  780 width, 20mm rise, 8º up-sweep, 9º back-sweep – 207 grams – $159USD
  • Ether Alloy Riser Bar-  780 width, 20mm rise, 8º up-sweep, 9º back-sweep – 322 grams – $79USD
  • Ether Carbon Flat Bar- 720 Width, 9º back-sweep – 197 grams – $149USD
  • Ether Alloy Flat Bar- 720 Width, 9º back-sweep – 252 grams – $69USD


Thew KS Ether seatposts will utilize the same saddle clamp design that is found on their dropper posts.


To shave a small amount of weight, the bottom of the seatpost is cut at an angle.


We’re still waiting to hear back on what different size posts and lengths will be available come late June/early July.


In addition to the handlebar and seatpost, a 50 and 70mm stem with 0º rise will be offered.


The clamping bolts are tucked in order to help avoid painful knee strikes.


Pricing and weight are TBA.


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nobby nic
nobby nic
10 years ago

IMO, their static stuff is actually quite nice. Especially the stems and 780 bars.

10 years ago

@nobby nic – agreed, these all look like great products.

10 years ago

Who thinks KS has a reputation for high quality dropper posts? They all break, and KS takes forever to get around to dealing with repairs. I had a customer’s post out there for a week before they even knew it was there. I guess it got lost in the clutter thousands of warranty rebuilds.

10 years ago

Hey JR,

FYI, KS has 24 hour turnaround on all service in the US. All you need to do is go to kssuspension.com and use the RMA request. And for the record….there are nowhere close to “thousands” of repairs. Every manufacturer has some unfortunate and occasional quality issues. Ours are infrequent and we do stand behind our products.

If you ever have any problems with service, please drop me a line at 949 742 1180. Ext 101. -Rick

10 years ago

Only one issue with my LEV and fixed at the UK distributor (being fixed and returned within a week).

Just ordered the new southpaw as unfortunately the normal remote is a pain in the backside…even with using a flexi noodle.

May try the 780 bar if they arrive in the UK. Loving the stealthy looks.

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