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SOC12: New Revamped and Silent Guides from Gamut

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The brand new  Gamut P38 chain guide, pictured above, showcases a new graphics set and a redesigned lower chain roller and bash ring. The new chainguide somehow manages to improve on an already winning formula with only slight modifications.

The new features introduced in this model will soon trickle out to the rest of the Gamut line up. Check past the break for all the details.

The newly revamped bash ring uses triangular shaped cut outs to increase stiffness and strength and decrease weight. More importantly, the bash ring now features aluminum inserts, which allows riders to torque chain rings to the appropriate tension. In the past, Gamut only recommended tightening chain ring bolts one quarter turn after the bolts touched plastic. Since no washers were included, over tightening could lead to slight cracking of the bash ring, and aggressive riding could sometimes lead to creaking from loose crankbolts (even with the use of locktight). The new design will eliminate (not withstanding installation errors) the creaking sound associated with loose chain ring bolts.

The traditional circular roller has now been replaced with an o-ring. This design offers lower resistance and diminishes noise. The redesign also decreases maintenance by eliminating moving parts.

The top and lower guides now attach to the boomerang via two 6 mm bolts and a molded key.

The dual ring guide still uses a roller to keep things spinning freely and in place. The boomerang uses a small 1.5mm grub screw to adjust the roller in and out for precise installation.

In a fierce market filled with light and attractive chain guides, with compatibility for virtually any existing standard, the new Gamut guide stand out due its clean looks and great new feature set.


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12 years ago

ok, i like Gamut and use one my 4X bike but that new guide is Straitline inspired for sure. I don’t get the
o-ring app either. why not just use a slider ala moto style or would that be too obvious? eliminate the replaceable o-ring all together.

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