As an American, finding a tent in the pits laden with BOS equipped Commencal bikes was unprecedented. This was my first time seeing the product in real life and putting it through a rigorous parking lot test.

The company had their entire existing line up on display as well as a few new things for everyone’s two favorite buzz words- 27.5″  and enduro racing.

Fresh for the next set of tweener bikes that will be introduces this year is a new 27.5″ DeVille. The only ones on display at the show were mounted on Commencal’s brand new, top of the line, Meta AM.  That story is coming soon.

Left to Right: 26" and 27.5" Deville Fork

The major difference between the 26″ and 27.5″ iterations is the uppers. It’s hard to tell in the image above, but the offset has been adjusted to fit the wheel size.

The all new Deville AM is an enduro focused product which utilizes a new cartridge. A three position compression switch at the top lets riders make adjustments on the fly. This particular model on display was a preproduction unit and the adjustment dials weren’t finalized.

Also aimed exclusively at the burgeoning enduro market is the new Kirk shock. This shock features a piggy back reservoir, unlike the Vip’R, which will help mitigate heat build up and provide additional damping.

The shock offers external high and low speed compression adjustments, rebound, and a on/off pedal platform switch.


The BOS Deville TRC 160mm Fork tipped the scale at 4 lbs, 11 0z.

The Kirk weighed a scant 13 oz while it’s DH oriented counterpart, the Void, was 1 lb, 04 oz.

Rumor Mill

According to the big man himself, Olivier Bossard, a new XC 29er forks is in the late stages of development. Featuring between 80-120mm of travel, the fork will have that famed supple BOS character but at a very competitive weight.


  1. RickyBob on

    In case you have not noticed, this is a US website and in the US we use Imperial measurements. You probably think its archaic that we are still not on the Euro huh?
    And this must be the first bikerumour article you’ve read if you are just now noticing that they don’t use your fancy elitist “SI units”.

  2. King of England on

    I believe the US government acutally declared that the IS system was to be used, way back in ’88. The Imperial system refers to the Brithish Empire. Why on earth would the US first have a war to liberate itself from the British Empire, and then be opposed to using a scientific unit system instead of a system that refers to the King of Englands various body parts?

  3. Jdo on

    Not trying to be disrespectfull, but for the international readers imperial units have no meaning at all. It’s too hard to put a convertion just to be understood outside UK and USA? I don’t have any problems with USA using imperial U, but I feel ignored and disrespected as a reader when metrics aren’t used too. Is like puting a sign saying “this site is for US readers only”

  4. aaron on

    Apparently this must be good news if the only thing that you guys can find to argue about is whether or not units should be in imperial or metric

  5. DeeEight on

    How about this… the only country with a blind devotion to not being metric, that isn’t third world, is the USA. (deleted)

  6. reporter on

    tapered steerer forks are a bad market , why ? because all the 1/18 riders think they cant run them.

    well, thats not quite correct. you can get external bearing bottom of headset adapter.
    but it may length to the fork. a half inch or so.

    so its realy not worth the headache.

    reinforce the crown if u want but stick with 1 1/8 top and bottom,

    ride it like you stole it.



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