Specialized spent the past two EWS & DH World Cup race seasons developing what they hoped would be the perfect gravity mountain bike tire. Starting with the high TPI construction that gives lightweight trail tires their suppleness, the new BLCK DMND tires mix in some downhill-style double-ply reinforcement in the sidewalls for extra support in the corners and DH levels of durability for when trails get rough. Oh, and there’s a new Eliminator tire too!

Specialized BLCK DMND enduro and downhill race tires

Specialized BLCK DMND enduro and downhill race tires

courtesy Specialized

When Specialized wanted to overhaul their downhill race tires, they wanted to step up their and create something light enough & supple enough to bleed into enduro racing as well. So they spent two years with enduro pros like Jared Graves & Curtis Keen to develop a new gravity tire to blur boundaries. Of course having Loïc Bruni repeat as Downhill World Champion on their latest tires doesn’t hurt either.

Specialized BLCK DMND gravity tires – Tech Details & Construction

Specialized BLCK DMND enduro and downhill race tires

The new BLCK DMND tire construction promises the supple, fast trail feel like we are accustomed to seeing in lighter weight all-mountain/trail bike tires thanks to the base 120tpi casing.

Specialized BLCK DMND enduro and downhill race tires

new BLCK DMND casing

Then to build in the downhill-ready durability, Specialized added in a more durable partial “Flip-Up” ply layer that offers additional double-ply sidewall structure and protection, while keeping just a single-ply of protection under the central crown of the tire. That gives stability in hard cornering with protection from sidewall damage, while allowing the tread area itself to be more flexible deforming to grip rough terrain.

Plus, the tires also get a rubber Apex layer lower in the sidewall that works to further eliminate pinch-flatting and to protect rims from sharp impacts. All in all a foldable bead helps keep the Black Diamond BLCK DMND tires light, while a butyl-wrapped bead gives them 2Bliss Ready tubeless compatibility, and Gripton compound rubber sticks them to the ground.

Specialized BLCK DMND gravity tires – Tread & Sizing Options

Specialized BLCK DMND enduro and downhill race tires


The new BLCK DMND tires are available in three different gravity-ready tread patterns – the Butcher, Eliminator & Hillbilly.

The Butcher is Specialized go-to intermediate tire having proven itself on the World Cup DH race circuit. Its large, widely spaced tread blocks feature sawtooth edges in the transition from center to should blocks for extra grip while cornering & braking. It also joins half of the center blocks for faster rolling and putting the power down. 2.3 & 2.6

New Eliminator all-around gravity & enduro tire

Specialized BLCK DMND enduro and downhill race tires

Eliminator BLCK DMND

Did we mention then new tread? The Eliminator features more evenly spread and shorter knobs for faster rolling and more versatility onto hardpack trail surfaces as well. Specialized calls it an ‘all-around gravity tire’, for use on loose to hardpack aggressive trails.

Beyond just being introduced with the BLCK DMND casing, the new Eliminator also comes in a lighter Grid trail riding casing without the extra sidewall reinforcement.

Specialized BLCK DMND enduro and downhill race tires

Hillbilly BLCK DMND

The Hillbilly is similar to the Butcher with its tall widely spaced tread, but spaces its blocks a bit wider and more separate for use mostly as a front tire is softer terrain.

All of the BLCK DMND tires retail for the same $70 price, and are available in the same 2.3″ & 2.6″ widths for both 27.5″ & 29″ wheels. Only the Butcher also adds a 27.5 x 2.8″ version as well. No official weights have been released for any of the new BLCK DMND tires. All are now available direct from Specialized.com or through regular Specialized dealers.


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Antoine Martin
Antoine Martin
3 years ago

Come on marketing guy, BLK DMND ?

3 years ago

This is the only Black Diamond…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlkfN0Bvwyk

Ps, my best friend had him perform at his bday party….the guy is awesome!