Spurcycle Compact Bell comes back to the road with more affordable 31.8 option

Having used many of the bike bells on the market, it’s hard to argue with the pure & loud sound that rings out of a Spurcycle brass bell dome. One or two quick strikes of the Spurcycle hammer, and those sharing the road or trail ahead instantly get a pleasant warning of you approaching. And now their lower-profile, lower-cost Compact Bell gets improved compatibility with a new clamp for 31.8mm road and mountain bike bars.

Spurcycle Compact Bell with 31.8mm clamp

Spurcycle Compact Bell with 22.2mm or 31.8mm clamp

There’s nothing technically innovating with the new 31.8mm Spurcycle Compact Bell compared to the lower-priced launch two years ago. It simply means more fitting options, from road to trail on the majority of modern handlebars. Two years ago Spurcycle made a lower-cost nylon clamp made-in-Taiwan version of their US-made stainless Original Bell, but it only fit on the 22.2mm (7/8″) diameter of flat handlebars at the grip. That was fine for most mountain bikes & flat bar commuters, but dropbar riders still had to stick with the more expensive original.

Tech details, pricing & availability

Spurcycle Compact Bell with 22.2mm or 31.8mm clamp, side dimensions

Now from the first week of July, Spurcycle fans can pick up the $42 Compact Bell in either 22.2mm or 31.8mm so you can mount it out of the way next to your stem, or out by the grip.

Spurcycle Compact Bell with 22.2mm clamp on eMTB

Just like the smaller clamp version, this 31.8 Spurcycle Compact Bell is all black with a brass dome for its signature sound, an integrated reinforced nylon clamp, and a lifetime warranty. It weighs as little as 28g (for the 22.2), has a narrow 9mm wide clamp, and good clearance over the other clamps on your bars.

Spurcycle Original Bell with 31.8mm clamp, made-in-USA

The US-made Original Bell is also still available for $59 and fits around anything from 22.2-31.8mm in diameter.


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Jumbo Jim
Jumbo Jim
1 month ago

What are those grips?

1 month ago

Very curious if this will fit in between the shimano brake support brace thingy that rest on the bar to give it more support when pulling the lever, and the brake clamp.. Hard to explain but there’s a little bit of room between that support C-Shaped braced and the actual brake clamp.

Vince E.
Vince E.
1 month ago
Reply to  tech9

It does fit, I have the same setup. However, this bell sucks compared to their top-line bell. I can barely hear it myself when dinging it. Spend the extra bucks and get their flagship.

1 month ago
Reply to  Vince E.

Yeah, this one isn’t made in the US. A friend bought it and was quite disappointed, compared to the “regular” bells everyone else in our crew has.

What might help you in mounting the regular bell is the little 3d printed stand that Marc Basiliere (aka Lindarets, who does design work for Wolf Tooth, amongst others) makes. I use it on my drop bar bikes to get more clearance for bar bag straps and on my big squishy bike, to scoot the bell closer to the grip.

1 month ago

What is that I assume electronic shifter or dropper lever?