Under the tagline of “All Day AXS”, the new SRAM GX Eagle AXS rear derailleur and shifter bring wireless MTB drivetrains into reach for a lot more mountain bikers.

Packing the exact same tech as both XX1 & X01, this new GX Eagle AXS derailleur is almost half the price, making the upgrade path from Eagle mechanical drivetrains to wireless electronic shifting way more affordable. And opening the door to lower-priced bikes spec’d with 12-speed wireless AXS Eagle drivetrains.

SRAM GX Eagle AXS wireless shifting

SRAM GX Eagle AXS group, low-cost 1x12-speed wireless electronic MTB riding


The beauty of a SRAM Eagle AXS groupset is in its simplicity. There are literally only two specific wireless components – the GX AXS rear derailleur and the GX AXS controller to shift it.

SRAM GX Eagle AXS group, low-cost 1x12-speed wireless electronic MTB simple mountain bike drivetrain

Cassette, crankset, and chain all remain the same, as does the cross-compatibility between Eagle and eTap/AXS parts. And, turns out, the performance, electronics, and technology all remain the same as the more expensive X01 and XX1 series, too.

SRAM GX Eagle AXS group, low-cost 1x12-speed wireless electronic app setup & control

Setup is crazy simple. With no cables to run it’s as easy as bolting them on, then pairing derailleur to controller with two simple button pushes.

Then, if you want, pair them with your smartphone to customize their functionality in the AXS app. Using the app is optional, but it also adds data logging of your shift patterns.

So, what’s new about GX Eagle AXS?

SRAM GX Eagle AXS 12-speed wireless MTB derailleur

The 12-speed SRAM GX Eagle AXS rear derailleur is functionally identical to the other AXS mountain bike derailleurs, with the same max 52T cog size as the latest generation. It’s IPX7 waterproof and powered by the same rechargeable battery as every other AXS component.

It has the same Overload Clutch that disengages the motor in a crash to prevent damage, the same roller bearing clutch to keep your chain tensioned, same Cage Lock to make wheel changes easy, the same X-Horizon straight parallelogram geometry for precise shifts, X-Sync pulley teeth with steel bearings for smooth action, and the 10mm shorter cage than mechanical Eagle.

The only physical differences are the Lunar Gray finish to match the rest of the GX group, and a full steel pulley cage (versus forged alloy cage for XO1 and carbon/alloy for XX1).

SRAM Eagle AXS rear derailleur battery cover

What’s totally new is this AXS battery cover. It comes with GX AXS, but will fit both XO1 and XX1 AXS rear derailleurs, too.

We first saw it on an X01 AXS derailleur at the original launch, and SRAM told us they decided to include it here to help people opting for a lower priced group get comfortable with the idea of a battery dangling off the back. It’s a reassurance, but we’ve been riding AXS for years now without ever losing (or even scratching) a battery.

SRAM GX Eagle AXS 12-speed wireless MTB controller shifter

The GX AXS shifter/electronic controller is, quite literally, exactly the same as the others, just with a different finish…and $50 less expensive. With the same MatchMaker X integrated mount interface, CR2032 battery, and the standard paddle shifter, it’s the one to buy if you’re building up your bike with mixed component levels.

In fact, our GX AXS shifter weighed in at 68g, two grams lighter than SRAM’s claim (or our first XX1 shifter.) And it’s compatible with the optional AXS Rocker Paddle upgrade.

GX Eagle AXS pricing & availability

SRAM GX Eagle AXS group, low-cost 1x12-speed wireless electronic MTB mountain bike drivetrain, rear derailleur & controller

The GX Eagle AXS rear derailleur retails for $370 (385€) without a battery, but with the battery cover. The shifter is $150 (155€). Add a battery ($55) and their Power Pack charger ($77) and the full kit runs $652. Unless you buy…

SRAM GX Eagle AXS group, low-cost 1x12-speed wireless electronic MTB mountain bike drivetrain, upgrade kit

The SRAM GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit includes all of that, plus the chain gap setup tool, for  $600 (620€). It’s everything you need to upgrade an existing 12-speed SRAM Eagle mechanical group to wireless shifting. That’s $200 less than the XO1 Eagle AXS kit, and $400 less than XX1’s kit.

For comparison, a complete GX Eagle mechanical group with all of the parts retails for $545. So, the GX AXS parts aren’t cheap, but they are a lot less expensive than XO1 and XX1.

Lastly, if you already have an Eagle AXS mountain bike derailleur, that nifty little protective battery cover is $20 (20€).

SRAM GX Eagle AXS group, low-cost 1x12-speed wireless electronic MTB mountain bike drivetrain, secret box

If you don’t already have it or just need to replace it, the XG-1275 10-52T GX cassette runs $215 (220€) and GX chain is $33 (32€). And either a SRAM crankset and chainring, or any other 12-speed option on the market.

All of the new SRAM GX Eagle AXS components are available now, possibly having been waiting locked in one of these boxes at your local bike shop for the past week.

Check out our ride reviews and actual weights for more, and stay tuned for a complete Eagle AXS comparison of all of SRAM’s wireless MTB groups later today.



  1. Byron Prestridge on

    SRAM, while appreciated- please make and ship your existing components to manufacturers other than the big 4. They’re starving for parts!!!

    • Cory Benson on

      @Eddie, yes you can. The GX Eagle AXS derailleur IS compatible with both NX PG-1230 & SX PG-1210 11-50T 12-speed Eagle cassettes that use a regular HG freehub body. SRAM does say though that they have specifically designed the movement of the new wireless derailleur for “optimum performance” with the XG-1275 10-52T GX cassette. But yes, the NX one is 1/2 the price and works on almost any wheelset.


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