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Stache Modular Water Bottle compartmentalizes hydration, tools, spares and snacks

stache water bottle stores fluid co2 multitool tools spares snacks
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If you’re a big fan of the packless riding set up, then you might want to check out the new Stache Water Bottle, the KickStarter campaign for which was launched this week. This modular water bottle can carry your chosen hydration fluid and trail-side repair essentials at the same time, whilst still fitting inside a regular water bottle cage.

Stache Modular Bike Water Bottle

stache water bottle carries everything and water

The maximum water carrying capacity of the Stache bottle is 750ml. In this configuration, it is set up to carry fluid only. However, its modular design allows you to swap out the base for a variety of options that create an isolated storage compartment underneath the water compartment. In there, you can stow your car keys, multitool, tire plugger, CO2, snacks, or whatever you see fit.

stache water bottle carries tools spares

It looks to us as though there is no way of properly securing any items to the inside of the compartment, so they’ll likely rattle around inside there unless you are able to find a way of wrapping items up in some kind of material to prevent that. So, while it is certainly much safer than carrying a multitool or tire plugger in the pockets of your shorts (wince), it’s probably not a great option for folk who like a quiet bike.

stache modular water bottle specialized stumpjumper

The space allocated to water and other bits and bobs is adjustable with the use of the different base caps. Choose to carry 750ml, 625ml, 600ml or 550ml of water, depending on how much other stuff you want to cram in there. The different configurations have different heights, so you’ll need to check your frame has sufficient space to accommodate the bottle. We’re awaiting info on exact dimensions.

The water bottle itself is made from a BPA-free polymer, while the tops, storage inserts and caps are made from recycled polypropylene. The bite valve is made from a BPA-free silicone.

stache modular water bottle configurations

Pricing & Availability

Philip Finden, creator of the Stache Water Bottle, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to secure the finances necessary to produce it, with a goal of £56,990. Pledging £13 or more gets you the full Stache Combo, including the Stache Water Bottle, the CO2 Stache Storage Insert, the Large Stache Lower Cap and the Stealth Stache Storage Insert. Delivery is expected in August 2022, with worldwide delivery available.

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2 years ago

So its just another version of the Dib Bottle? The Dib is already available, and really quite good. I use quite successfully between the aerobars of my TT bike for hydration and tools. It is nice to have another option, but this seems quite similar.

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