SONY DSCWhile it may not be a done deal quite yet, Stan’s gave us a look at their new 3.60 hubset at PressCamp this week in Park City.  Made in North Carolina by Industry Nine, the premium 3.60 slots in above the company’s mainline 3.30 mountain bike hub.  In keeping with Stan’s focus on light weight, low drag, and low noise, the 3.60 is a 3-pawl version of I9’s Torch hub.  Halving the number of pawls in the standard Torch keeps things running smoothly- but quick-engagement fetishists will be able to upgrade to the 120pt/6-pawl version if desired.  More after the jump!

SONY DSCWorking with Industry Nine’s established platform means that the US-made 3.60 hubs will be compatible with a wide range of axle and freehub standards right out of the gate.  It also means that short runs of interesting colors are a distinct possibility.  Pricing, weights, and delivery are to be confirmed, but should be close to Stan’s current premium offerings from DT Swiss.  More when we have it…


  1. chsad on

    I think they may try to hit a slightly lower price point. Perhaps that is why the there are less pawls. Does I9 still offer wheels built with Stans rims or are they using their own house brand rim now? I like it.

  2. Fred on

    Why not get an i9 hub? Funky, proprietary spokes.

    the folks at Project 321 are already making high quality hubs with the i9 internals and standard J-bend spokes.

  3. captain derp on

    also, i9 will still custom build you a wheelset with any rims you choose (including stans).

    odd that they don’t offer a 150mm rear hub anymore… (at least not that i’m seeing on their site)

  4. dave on

    I9 does indeed offer a 150/157mm platform based on the all-new Torch revisions. Flanged hubs and system wheels available.

  5. captain derp on

    dave – i dug up a press release for the torch platform, it does mention the 150 platform. wasn’t able to find it on their website though.

  6. Oderus on

    Why not just get the I9 hubs you ask? Because these say Stan’s No Tubes on the hub shell. Do you guys have any idea how much lighter these will be over the standard I9 torch that doesn’t have that extra laser engraving and those other three pawls. Pfffft, see you beotches at the finish line!

  7. captain derp on

    hubs are non-rotational mass for all intents and purposes. you’d be better off drilling some speed holes in your rims

  8. captain derp on

    @ lerp derp. double wall rims –> only drill the inner wall (where the spokes mount) leaving the outer wall intact to allow for tubeless B-)


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