State Bicycle Co. announced a limited edition series of cycling kits paying homage to Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror film, The Shining. Made in patterns reflecting scenes from the movie, State wholeheartedly discourages all work and no play – an important risk factor for becoming a dull boy.

State Bicycle Co. ‘The Shining’ Tribute Halloween Cycling Kits

While we’re usually talking about State’s affordable steel bikes, they’re launching new clothing for the Halloween season, as a tribute to one of the most iconic scary movies – The Shining. If you want to avoid the dangers of Redrum, listen to your little friend Tony and order up a kit before they run out.

Two colorways are available, dubbed “Overlook Hex” and “Room 237”. Both feature premium grippers on the arms and legs, with three elastic rear pockets on the jersey.

Either kit can be had for $79.99, in sizes XS – XXL, with arm warmers available for $9.99. Deliveries come C/O The Torrance Family, Overlook Hotel.

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