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Steadyrack to Introduce New Bicycle Storage Solution at Interbike

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We’ve all been there at one point or another, whether at our own house or the house of a friend. One bike, or twelve bikes, there always seems to be a storage issue. While I’m sure there are cyclists out there who might have entire wings of their estate dedicated to their rides, the rest of us are forced to store them in the basement, garage, or *gasp*, outside!

While there are many products already devoted to the task of storing and organizing our two wheeled friends, it seems that people are always introducing better options. Take Steadyrack for example, a new company out of Australia, Steadyrack is going to release their newest bike handling hardware to the market next week at Interbike. The Steadyrack has a smart new design which is similar to a few other options on the market but manages to take all the best traits of the competition and mix in a few ideas of their own to create a rack that they claim takes the trouble out of storage.

Check out what makes the Steadyrack different after the break.


Arguably, one of the biggest obstacles to bicycle storage for the average consumer is having to lift the bike up to the rack, and/or having to manipulate it to get it onto whatever hook or hoop that supports the bike. The Steadyrack aims to eliminate having to lift the bike completely, by allowing the user to simply lift the front end of the bike with the rear wheel still on the ground. Then the user will simply push the front wheel into the fold down tray, and the wheel will guide over the front bar and settle in place. A rear wheel stabilizing block is also provided to set the rear tire in which serves to keep the bike verticle. Voila, the bike is now stored.

Once your bicycle is settled into the Steadyrack, it can also be swiveled side to side, kind of like a bicycle Rolodex! This means that you can stack multiple bikes close together, lean them to one side so that they don’t stick out from the wall so far, and still be able to get whatever bike you want without a lot of struggle. The Steadyrack is universal fit with the exception of there being a separate design for bikes that are equipped with fenders. Steadyrack claims that their rack will fit the smallest children’s bikes up to the largest mountain bikes. While held in the Steadyrack, bikes should be nice and secure with no risk of someone inadvertently dislodging a bike and to take one step further, bikes can be locked to the Steadyrack with your average bike lock to prevent theft while at home or the office, or wherever you may find a Steadyrack in the future. Steadyrack hopes that with the simplicity of the design, the ease of use, and the increase in bicycle commuting, their product will be the obvious solution to crowded bike storage.

Obviously, as seen below, when not in use the Steadyrack folds away keeping things nice and neat. Supposedly the Steadyrack is easy to install, with all necessary hardware and instructions included in the package.


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