Strava suggests Points of Interest where you might meet for a ride or cafe stop

In the last week, Strava has quietly added a ton of tiny little icons to your base map – all sorts of Points of Interest visible under your rides & runs. The purpose is to leverage more of the user-generated data from their OSM background mapping to make it easier for you to plan your rides & runs in advance or find a good spot to take a break in the middle of a workout.

Strava Points of Interest on & near your ride

Strava Points of Interest suggestions, mobile app POI

Strava says their POIs (Points of Interest) are all the basic essentials you might want during a workout activity, so expect to see cafes, restaurants, grocers, convenience stores, public bathrooms, water fountains, bike shops, and the like – all pulled straight from the Open Street Maps database. There are also POIs for viewpoints, public monuments, and other key locations that Strava says would be good meeting places. Unique to Strava are predetermined Start Points generated from Strava’s own shared heatmap data highlighting common meeting points for group activities like trailheads, parks, or parking lots with athletes often meet up.

Strava Points of Interest suggestions, Planning routes with POIs, picking Start Points or cafe stops 

There’s no more detail in either the app or on the web, other than a simple icon to differentiate the type of POI and a brief name, so if you want more detail (like opening hours of a shop or cafe) you’ll have to turn to a smarter mapping service. But for those who track their activities directly through the Strava app or plan rides in advance with Strava, this looks like a simple addition that might make picking a cafe stop or other mid-ride refueling easier.

Planning routes with POIs

Strava Points of Interest suggestions, Planning routes with POIs, MTB trailhead

Everyone will see the POIs, you might just have to zoom in tighter to see more. They are visible only when you view the standard map layer (not orthophoto aerial, hybrid, or other specialized map layers) – although especially in some remote places where we mountain bike, there’s not a lot of interest outside of the trailhead

Strava Points of Interest suggestions, Planning routes with POIs, Start Point or cafe stop, mobile app planning

Of note, Strava subscribers can also get suggested routes from any Point of Interest in the mobile app just by long-pressing it in the Maps route builder. Or while recording an activity mid-ride, you can just long-0press to reroute to that nearby water fountain or cafe.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve noticed the new Strava POIs, or whether you think they’ll be a helpful addition?

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8 months ago

Is there a way to remove them? I could see them as helpful in some situations. However they also clutter the map up visually. Riding or running around my city there are a lot on the map and they aren’t helpful.

brett badenoch
brett badenoch
8 months ago

I sure hope Strava offers us an ability to hide the Points Of Interest from our Standard Map if we don’t want to use this feature.

8 months ago

maybe Strava will request money to remove the POI, so..what then ? 🙂

4 months ago

How can you get driving directions to Start Points??