Sturdy Cycles 3D Prints Gorgeous Titanium Jockey Wheels

Tom Sturdy of Sturdy Cycles is famed for his beautiful bicycle creations, almost exclusively 3D printed or CNC Machined from Titanium at his workshop in Frome, Somerset. We have previously featured Tom’s Fiadh Titanium Road Bike, and his Ti Crankset, both of which one simply must see as they are both jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Now, a set of Sturdy’s 3D Printed Titanium Jockey Wheels can be yours if you part ways with £166.66 of your hard earned cash.

Sturdy Cycles 3D Printed Titanium Jockey Wheels

sturdy titanium jockey wheels made in uk

Just a thousand pounds’ worth right here…

Sturdy Cycles’ Jockey Wheels come as a pair; one has 12T and the other has 14T. They can replace the stock jockey wheels on almost any derailleur so long as the cage is built to accomodate those sizes. Titanium is known as a durable material, thus isn’t a bad option for a high wear component such as a jockey wheel.

sturdy cycles titanium jockey wheels raw 12t 14t replacements

Sturdy’s Jockey Wheels spin on stainless steel enduro bearings with a custom machined aluminum bearing cap, both of which are replaceable. Caps are available with 4mm, 5mm or 6mm bores to suit the vast majority of derailleur cages.

Tom has previously produced CNC machined Ti Jockey Wheels, but he has now turned to 3D printed versions as the manufacturing process gave him more control over the design. It allowed for that rather aesthetically-pleasing radial pattern that is more in keeping with Sturdy’s other components such as the chainring and bar-end plugs. 

sturdy 3d print titanium jockey wheels frome somerset

Pick up a set for £166.66, available to order direct from Sturdy Cycles now. Get them in raw titanium, or anodized blue, purple, gold, green or rainbow.

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Tony p
Tony p
8 days ago

I know a dinosaur who will love this!

Collin S
Collin S
8 days ago

Compared to the $700-1000 ceramicspeed 3d printed jockey wheels, these seem like a bargin. They look fancy/nice but a good old fasion plastic one seems to work fine for me.

8 days ago
Reply to  Collin S

You are not really buying jockey wheels, you are buying bragging rights.
To each his/her own of course, but to me that’s not something to brag about.

8 days ago
Reply to  WhateverBikes

whinge, brag some thing really