The Gaulzetti Pavaix is the latest bike from Gaulzetti Cicli and their retail operation, Summer Cycles. Set as a no-compromise bike for cobbled courses like Paris-Roubaix, the frame uses oversize carbon tubing blended with Boron and Kevlar, said to maximize torsional rigidity while keeping the ride quality smooth – without relying on elastomers or suspension.

All images courtesy Gaulzetti.

Summer Cycles Gaulzetti Pavaix all-road & cobblestone endurance road bike

Gaulzetti Cicli is the bike brand of Craig Gaulzetti, selling through an exclusive shop in Del Mar, CA – Summer Cycles. Their latest creation is the Pavaix, a bike said to be designed specifically for competing in the Paris-Roubaix Elite Cycling Race.

While many cobblestone or gravel bikes are turning to suspension systems and elastomers for comfort, the Pavaix opts for a strategic carbon lay-up that incorporates Kevlar and Boron for specific ride characteristics. Frame weights come in at 1,000 – 1,600 grams depending on size and desired ride quality.

Here’s the backstory from Mr. Gaulzetti himself:

“Almost since its inception, bicycle companies have used success or even participation in Paris-Roubaix in order to sell bicycles. In recent years, the industry has used associations with this race to market things like taller headtubes, more upright riding positions, suspension and elastomers, disc brakes, larger and more flat resistant clincher tires, more compliant frames, slower and more stable handling, and lots of other features that have made road biking more accessible an less intimidating for many people. Our experience shows that not many, if any, of these ‘features’ are of benefit to anyone actually racing Paris-Roubaix- and we’d dare say they’re of questionable benefit to anyone who wants to enjoy spirited road riding. So we turned the equation on its head. What would a bicycle designed with the sole focus to win Paris-Roubaix look like? If we approached this project without any desire to commodify the sporting good, what do we end up with?”

The Pavaix has options for either rim or disc brakes. Rim brakes limit tire size to 30mm, while discs increase the room a bit to accommodate 32mm rubber.

The Gaulzetti Pavaix is available in custom geometry or 14 stock sizes from 44cm to 66cm (no geometry chart available at this time). All bikes made-to-order with a 6-12 week lead time. Framesets are available for $5,500, with complete bikes from $7,700 and up.


  1. Joe on

    Two of my friends ride the Interclub, custom made for their specific needs. I had no idea the level of customization that was possible with the carbon gaulzetti bikes like the Pavaix and Aerotack. Saving up for a custom Aerotack as we speak!

  2. dG on

    Craig knows what he’s doing. When I was still racing I did ride a Corsa, and that was a phenomenal machine: super stiff, planted, rock solid handling. That bike could handle most anything and was nearly indestructible. I believe and always believed Craig is ahead of the curve when it comes to bike design and its applications. Good on him. My only gripe is these bikes are very expensive. So be it. Quality stuff doesn’t come cheap.

  3. Tom on

    “If we approached this project without any desire to commodify the sporting good, what do we end up with?”
    I fancy myself a decent writer, and fairly intelligent person. I have no idea what the hell that means.


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