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Fantastically light CADEX 160g “one-piece” carbon handlebar is about more than just weight

CADEX Race Bar - Product 2 - Matthew Brush PhotoMatthew Brush Photo
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Some companies are trimming down their high-end lines, while others like CADEX are expanding into new territory.

Their recent super high-end wheels with carbon spokes are a perfect example, as are the checkerboard carbon weave aero wheels on Team CCC time trial bikes. Now, CADEX is adding to the component realm with super lightweight carbon road bars using a unique construction method…  

CADEX Race Bar - Product - Matthew Brush Photo
Matthew Brush Photo

CADEX Race handlebars

The new CADEX race handlebars’ classic shape is a nice break from the onslaught of boxy internal routed “super bars” that adorn every bike in the peloton.

Honestly, the shape is nothing groundbreaking, boasting a reasonably short 72mm reach and a not-too-shallow 125mm drop. What is groundbreaking is the claimed stiffness and steering control at a mere 160g for a size 420mm bar. What makes that possible is a one-piece construction.

Wait, aren’t all bars “one piece”?

CADEX Race Bar Weight Comparison
The CADEX Race Bar is undisputably light, but the real question is how does it ride?

No, actually. Most carbon bars start as three pieces; the top, and the drops on each side. These pieces go through a bonding process where the joints are smoothed and sculpted to perfection.

The drawback to this process is potential flex around the joints, excess bonding material left inside, and the weight that extra over-wrap material and bonding adds. CADEX avoids all of the above and delivers a classic shape with slight sculpting where it matters. 


“The Race bar utilizes much of the cutting-edge carbon layup technology found in our CADEX hookless rims, but the biggest achievement was creating an innovative one-piece road bar that eliminates the excessive weight and inherent flex found in the bonded joints of traditional three-piece handlebars,” says Jeff Schneider, Head of Product Marketing at CADEX.

“Combined with our optimized ergonomics, the result is an impressive 160g weight for a 42cm bar that doesn’t compromise on stiffness, strength, or comfort.”

CADEX Race Bar - Optimized Ergonomics - Matthew Brush Photo
Matthew Brush Photo

The CADEX race bar eliminates this process by using single-piece composite construction. Though it may lack in all-out aero sculpting, it makes up for it with comfortable touchpoints. The CADEX race bar features a gently curved design with a flattened rear section for hand comfort and minimal flair.


CADEX claims the shape provides riders with a range of hand and thumb positions while minimizing hand numbness and fatigue. The CADEX Race bar comes in four sizes -380mm, 400mm, 420mm, and 440mm- to fit most riders.


The drops aren’t flared but rather have an elliptical shape pairing with the 72mm reach for an easy transition from all riding positions. They say this conservative shape and 125mm drop gives the rider quick access to a sprinting position without a shock to the lower back. 

CADEX Race Bar - Lighter is Faster - Matthew Brush Photo
Matthew Brush Photo

CADEX Race Handlebar specifications

  • Construction: Full carbon bar
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Width: 380mm | 400mm | 420mm | 440mm
  • Drop: 125mm
  • Reach: 72mm
  • Weight: 154g (380mm) | 157g (400mm) | 160g (420mm) | 165g (440mm)
  • Price: $370 USD
  • Compatible with Di2 bar-end style junctions like the EW-RS-910


We have a bar on the way for a full review, so expect to see that shortly with actual weights and riding impressions. Can’t wait? You can find it on www.cadex-cycling.com as well as other authorized CADEX dealers.

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2 years ago

Shame for the short flat end in the drops, could have been a Zipp SL70 carbon beater.

Involuntary Soul
Involuntary Soul
2 years ago

that bend looks pretty uncomfortable in the drops

2 years ago

Typo: “ Can’s wait?”

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