Syncros is expanding the integrated internal cable routing, one-piece carbon bar & stem cockpit concept to mountain bikes with their latest Fraser iC SL & Hixon iC SL bars. They aren’t the first 1-piece MTB bar+stem combos, not even the first for Syncros. And they don’t get full internal cable routing yet since pretty much only Magura MCi & Dangerholm have tried to route mountain bike brakes inside your bar.

But as more and more XC & trail bikes start to shift cable routing into MTB frames through the headset, these Syncros Fraser & Hixon iC bars start to signal more integration on mountain bikes too…

Syncros Fraser & Hixon iC SL integrated cockpit MTB bars

We first rode Syncros’ new one-piece carbon Fraser iC SL XC integrated handlebar cockpit with its unique internal cable routing stem setup when Scott launched their all-new Spark earlier past summer. Now that cross-country Fraser adds several new mountain bike bar siblings, from World Cup XC to downcountry. Now, there’s even a new pair of Hixon iC SL trail bike bars too, perfect for the new Bold Linkin trail to all-mountain bike.

Tech details – How does it work?

2022 Scott Spark RC & 900 XC trail mountain bikes, light fully-integrated cross-country MTB, inside

In all, Syncros now has five different one-piece carbon iC SL (super light, integrated cockpit) MTB bar shapes to choose from, for a total of 19 sizes to cover cross-country racing to light all-mountain riding. There are even seven separate alloy XC, DC & AM stems that give you the same routing possibilities with conventional bars.

2022 Scott Spark RC & 900 XC trail mountain bikes, light fully-integrated cross-country MTB, headset

They all share the same secret – an integrated steerer tube cap, flared covers on both sides of the stem that alloy for cable entry, and integrated steerer tube spacers that split open to guide the cable into your frame in front of/next to/through your headset.

So far, we’ve only seen these new Syncros bars on Scott/Bold family bikes, but they look to be compatible with any mountain bike that combines a 1.125″ upper steerer (the vast majority of suspension forks on the market) and routing through the headset – like the Canyon Exceed or BH Lynx Race, for example.

Syncros Fraser & Hixon iC SL – Sizing, options & pricing

2022 Bold Linkin integrated hidden shock carbon trail bike, 135mm or 150mm all-mountain bike, Syncros Hixon iC SL carbon bar

c. Bold

From a cockpit perspective, the result is potentially cleaner internal cable routing. Theoretically, it also means lighter and stronger frames when you don’t have to cut out holes in the head or downtubes to get cables in for internal routing, plus the end of cable rub on your frame.

Syncros Fraser iC SL DC bar top

For the cross/downcountry racer there are the most options. The 350€ Syncros Fraser iC SL bars all feature 6° upsweep and 8° backsweep. Syncros describes the varied combination of virtual stem angle & length as a “new geometry concept” so a rider’s grip height doesn’t change, no matter the length you pick.

Syncros Fraser iC SL WC & XC bars

Syncros Fraser iC SL WC -40, -30, -20 & XC bars

The 740mm wide flat bars come in six WC sizes with steeper World Cup fits like Nino, Kate & the Scott SRAM racing pros ride (-40°/80 or 90mm, -30°/90 or 100mm, or -20°/90 or 100mm). Or you can get a less aggressive XC fit in five sizes of the less drop cross-country model (-14°/50mm, -12°/60, -10°/70, -9°/80, -8°/90).

Syncros Fraser iC SL DC bar

Syncros Fraser iC SL DC bar

A slightly wider 760mm downcountry mini riser bar version adds 8mm of rise in four DC fits (0°/50, 60, 70, or 80mm).

Syncros Hixon iC SL riser bar

Syncros Hixon iC SL 15 & 25 riser bars

Trail and All-Mountain riders get a couple of wider options for the same price. The 350€ Syncros Hixon iC SL get the same 6° upsweep,  and incrementally less 7° backsweep. A 780mm wide, low-riser trail bar gets 15mm of rise in two sizes (5°/50 or 4°/60mm). The widest 800mm mid-riser bar gets 25mm of rise in two sizes (5°/50 or 4°/60mm).

Syncros Fraser & Hixon iC SL integrated cockpit MTB bars

c. Scott, photo by Daniel Geiger

All feature the same removable stem cover to hide all of your cables, and feature direct-mount bolts under the front of the stem where you can attach a Syncros out-front bracket to mount a GPS, a GoPro action cam, or a headlight for night riding.

Syncros Fraser & Hixon iC SL integrated cockpit eMTB bars

c. Scott, photo by Jochen Haar

Plus, you can use custom-fit Syncros top cap mounts that work with standard cycling computers, or even e-bike displays.

Syncros Fraser & Hixon iC SL integrated cockpit MTB bars

c. Scott, photo by Jochen Haar


  1. alloycowboy on

    Why, just why Syncros would someone want a non adjustable one piece bar and stem with internal cable routing? This just a bad idea for several reasons.

    1.) No ajustability and customization.
    2.) If you brake your bars you have to replace the whole unit.
    3.) Wireless groupsets make cable routing redundant.
    4.) Running the rear hydraulic brake hose on the exterior of frame is easier for bike maintenance.
    5.) Just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

  2. blahnblahblah on

    to answer you questions 1: will never go out of adjustment customization yeah whatever 2:if they break oh well will get new ones 3: srams crap 4; whats 30 mins out of your life. no wait i cant remember the last time i need to change a brake hose so whatever 5: comments are no different just because you can doesn’t…..

  3. blahnblahblah on

    1; will never go out of adjustment 2: oh well get something new 3: srams crap 4: maintenance it’s a bike at least it might be a slight challenge, working on my bike gives me great pleasure 5: comments ” Just because you can doesn’t mean you should!” not all things are made to suit you

  4. Andy on

    Meh. I’m not a fan of the shape of the stem. The aesthetics just don’t work for me well although I do appreciate the clean lines. It just seems too bulbous. I’m interested in seeing how this set up performs over time.

  5. Laurence on

    I like the clean look, it’s also on par with some of the lightest stems.
    It’s not something I ever adjust even when I could.

    They take some breaking, I increased in width from 760mm to 800mm, On a local run there is a tight gap between two trees that I use to get through, my new bars don’t go through. Left the bike wedged between the trees and me on the floor.

    Bars appear fine with no cracks, I did hang them in roof of the workshop and bounce off them to check.

    I don’t have or want an electric rear mech, it’s expensive enough already when you find a rock with it.


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