SRAM X01 DH Actual Weight (2)

It’s hard to believe that the last time an X0 DH group was introduced it didn’t even have a clutched rear derailleur. Since then, a lot has changed with the new group gaining a clutched X-horizon rear derailleur and losing gears – if you want to, that is. Offered in both a race specific 7 speed option based on the 11 speed spacing, and a more versatile 10 speed option. Even though it is based on the 11 speed spacing, the 7 speed X01 DH group will likely be paired with the new X-Dome Mini-Block Cassette which uses the XD driver body and has a built in chain plate in place of the additional gears. With a claimed 136g weight, the cassette came in over 10g less at 125g on our scale.

SRAM X01 DH Actual Weight (3)

Shown here with a medium cage, the Xo1 DH X-Horizon Rear Derailleur came in exactly as claimed at 263g. The medium cage was the only derailleur on display in Taipei.

SRAM X01 DH Actual Weight (1)

When placed on the scale without any of the mounting hardware, the X01 Trigger shifter clocked in well over the 91g claimed weight at 112g.

SRAM X01 DH Actual Weight (4)

Finally, half the crank tipped the scale at 533g. Without the non-drive crank arm (maybe someone clipped the fishing line and took it?), this one doesn’t do us much good, so we’ll have to take their word for the 740g weight including the bottom bracket.

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