Selle Italia

If you’re a fan of Selle Italia saddles but wished they had something a bit more curvy, you’re going to want to check out this sneak peek of the new Novus. The saddle looks like it will eventually be available in a cutout or solid model, though no word yet on availability. Compared to the relatively flat saddles Selle Italia is known for, the Novus certainly stands out.


  1. FastWayne on

    I have two by Selle Italia, SLK split saddle and the SLR limited Edition. both very comfortable the SLR is carbon with the memory foam. best ever; )

  2. Jerome on

    I find your comment a bit misleading. I’ve been riding on Selle Italia saddles for more than 20 years and the top is rather rounded. If you look at this new model, the top is flattened compared to, say, the Flite. Looks more like a Specialized saddle profile to me.

  3. bk on

    @ jerome:
    I think the “curvy” refers to the saddle shape tip to tail. Laterally it looks to be a flat saddle. Having been on many Selle saddles in the past I can say that they do have a curved lateral profile and relatively flat profile from tip to tail. FWIW, Specialized has more than one saddle profile, compare the Chicane to the Romin to the Toupe and you’ll see each one suits a different riding style.


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