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Tern Clubhouse Fort Mini offers single-seat protection from the elements, plus Doghouse Mini & more!

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Tern has dedicated ten years of operation to get people out of cars and onto bikes for daily commutes and errands. 

But even die-hard commuters struggle with how to live life on two wheels when the weather gets rough or when they need to bring along kids or animals.

Recently, Tern launched a new line of modular carrier accessories that takes its mission a step further by giving riders easy options to bring children and pets along for the ride.

“If we want car trips to be replaced by bike trips, we have to make the bicycle more convenient, safer and more comfortable for all passengers,” said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “So, we’ve created a range of accessories that make it a whole lot easier to ride with company, whether that’s your child or your dog.”

Among Tern’s new modular carrier system is the Clubhouse Fort Mini, which includes three components: the Clubhouse Mini, Storm Box Mini and Storm Shield Mini. Compared to the original Clubhouse Fort for the Tern GSD, the Clubhouse Fort Mini, is well, smaller to allow for use on the shorter HSD cargo e-bike as well as the GSD cargo e-bike. 

Tern modular carrier system

Each component is modular and can be added or removed to create the perfect passenger seat or cargo compartment.  With all three attached, they create a compartment in which riders can carry a single child on the back of their bike, protected from the weather. Stripped down to just the Storm Box Mini, the system provides a bucket with a 100-liter cargo capacity. Tern GSD riders who want to protect two passengers should check out the larger Clubhouse Fort. 

Tern modular carrier system - the doghouse mini
Tern also wants to get dogs on bikes. The Doghouse Mini system is similar to the Clubhouse Mini. It includes three Tern modular carrier accessories: the Clubhouse mini, Soft Crate Mini and Dog Roof Mini. The system creates a protected platform for animals, along with straps to keep them in place. When not hauling furry friends, the system can be broken down and stored in panniers to make room for more cargo.

Along with the child and pet travel systems, Tern has created a new 45-liter waterproof  WeatherTop carryall bag riders can store on the front or rear of their bikes. The bag comes with tote straps for easy carrying and a roll-top closure to keep contents dry.Tern modular carrier systems

“We’re proud that the WeatherTop marks the first time we’ve been able to use recycled fabric for a bag,” Hon said. “We’re always in search of responsibly-made or recycled fabrics, and it’s not always easy to find a fabric that also has the right functional and aesthetic attributes. But it’s important to make this effort to minimize our impact on the planet, and the more we and other brands ask for fabrics like this, the more our partners will work to provide it.”

Tern bicycle commuter accessoriesThe Tern modular carrier system will roll out to bike shops in the last quarter of 2021 and will be available worldwide by the first quarter of 2022.

The Clubhouse Mini is available for an MSRP of $165. The Storm Shield Mini and Storm Box Mini go for MSRP $220 each. The WeatherTop Bag is available for MSRP $125.

Animal Lovers can pick up the Dog Roof Mini and Soft Crate Mini for MSRP $85 and $75.

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