With news this big, it’s no surprise that the Athertons are slowly releasing details about their new bike to keep us coming back for more. If you haven’t heard, instead of teaming up with another manufacturer for the coming season, the Athertons have decided to start their own bike company – with the help of a number of talented individuals from companies like the Robot Bike Co.

The Athertons provide a closer look at their prototype DH bike w/ 3D printed lugs

All photos c. Atherton Bike Co.

Via their facebook page, today we got the first look at the side profile of ‘Prototype 1’. Atherton Bikes states that Renishaw Engineering is creating the lugs with 3D printing as announced before. But having a big company like Renishaw, who has a lot of experience with metal 3D printing, make the lugs means that the Atherton Bike company can make custom bikes faster – for the Athertons, and the customer.

The Athertons provide a closer look at their prototype DH bike w/ 3D printed lugs

They also confirmed that the lugs are indeed printed from titanium, and bonded to carbon tubes. The team states that they are pretty happy with the way that P1 is riding at the moment (thanks largely to the DW link tuning by none other than Dave Weagle), but that they’ll continue the development with multiple versions in the coming months.





    • JNH on

      They’re probably pre-made tubes from Toray, which you can buy from a catalogue in just about any length, thickness and construction you could desire.


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